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Whistle down the wind set

Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
Whistle down the wind set#0
Posted: 6/19/06 at 5:23pm
Does anyone know if the revival of Whistle at the Palace has a raising two-level stage like to original? I saw the original just a month before it closed, and I'm goin to the revival in August. I booked the front of the dress circle hoping that they would have the split stage, coz the best viw would probably be there.
The rain we knew is a thing of the past -
deep-delving, dark, deliberate you would say
browsing on spire and bogland; but today
our sky-blue slates are steaming in the sun,
our yachts tinkling and dancing in the bay
like racehorses. We contemplate at last
shining windows, a future forbidden to no one.

Derek Mahon

"Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets."

Arthur Miller
Leading Actor
Leading Actor
re: Whistle down the wind set#1
Posted: 6/19/06 at 7:34pm
Its a completely new production- set/lighting/costumes/props/sound.