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How do you send fan mail to Six the Musical

Flo ??
Swing | Joined: 6/7/20

Hey guys! So right now we are in quarantine and it’s really annoying. OH I HATE CORONAVIRUS!!!!!! That means I might not be able to see my idol in Six the Musical in London :c I want to send her a letter but i don’t know what address to send it to. The perform at The Arts Theatre in London, but because of coronavirus, I don’t know whether to send it to there or somewhere else?

imeldasturn Profile Photo
Broadway Star
Broadway Star | Joined: 12/8/14
Considering that theatres won't open before August (and very likely later than that) you might try sending it to her via her agency, although I wouldn't count on getting a reply before the situation improves considerably. In case Six closes or recasts by the time theatres re-open I guess you'd be more likely to get a reply if you send your fan mail to those who represent her.