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Theatre Shops and Show recommendations?

Chorus Member
Chorus Member
Theatre Shops and Show recommendations?#1
Posted: 9/15/19 at 2:35pm
Im visiting London for the first time next week, and would love to browse in some gift shops if there are any. I know Dress circle closed several years ago; any others that a theatre fan should check out?

Also, show recs? Thinking of Six if I can get tickets, otherwise Wicked, Fiddler, School of Rock, or Preludes. Id like to get a traditional West End experience with a big show, so Im leaning towards Wicked or Fiddler or School of Rock, since Ive never seen Fiddler or School of Rock or a sit-down production of Wicked (just tours). Also going with my in-laws who arent theatre people and likely wouldnt enjoy Preludes or Six.
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Leading Actor
Leading Actor
Theatre Shops and Show recommendations?#2
Posted: 9/17/19 at 6:51am
I liked the play at the Old Vic. A Very Expensive Poison. The show at the Bridge theatre Two Ladies with Zoe Wanamaker is also interesting.
Never saw a theatre related store in the West End. What was there is no longer. The Son is a powerful drama too.
Todays Tix has rush, so check the site for London.