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Official Ticketing Sites Question

Official Ticketing Sites Question#1
Posted: 6/22/19 at 9:32pm
Hey theatre friends across the pond. I live in Canada, and go to New York once a year to see a handful of Broadway shows.

I use either Ticketmaster or Telecharge, as these are the official ticketing sites.

I am planning to come to London for my first time this fall, and would like to start purchasing West End tickets. This is likely a dumb question, and I apologize, but, can you please tell me who/what is the official ticketing site? I've done a few online searches, but want to be sure...

Also, I get discount codes from for Broadway shows. Which sites do you suggest?

Many thanks!

Hannah Butler
Official Ticketing Sites Question#2
Posted: 6/25/19 at 4:35am

Hi! So there's not really one 'official' place that you can get all tickets through. In terms of 'official' tickets, generally you buy them directly through the shows or theatre groups website (for example, if you go on the Six website, click Book Tickets, it then gives the option of booking tickets through them or the venue website)

In terms of discount sites, there are loads! Sites like 'londonboxoffice' and apps like 'todaytix' can offer deals but I'd definitely compare to the official price because it's not always the best deal- hope that helps!

Official Ticketing Sites Question#3
Posted: 6/25/19 at 5:04pm
I'd agree that if you absolutely must buy in advance booking through the theatre or show's web site is often the best option. There are so many deals available in person for many shows that I've never bought in advance for London and I travel there multiple times a year from the states and see about 50 shows a year. Day seats, TKTS, deals directly from the Box Office on day of shoe, and TodaysTix are my go tos. For example when I was in London a couple months ago I wanted to see Only Fools and Horses. No discounts availabel and close to sold out online. I went to the box office the day before I wanted to see it and they sold me a ticket at half price-they had a policy of reducing remaining tickets 24 hours before the show.

One of my favorite sites for day seat ticket information and just as importantly seat reviews is theatremonkey. They have seating charts but also rate seats for legroom, value for price, etc. so you can get the best seat for the price you are paying.

Only if you are trying to book demand shows like Hamilton, Harry Potter, etc. would booking in advance be essential.

Of course I've never spent a dime with ticketmaster or telecharge in New York either.
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Official Ticketing Sites Question#4
Posted: 7/22/19 at 7:24pm is my info source too. Always book National theatre from their web site and by checking frequently grabbing those £ 15 front row seats. The pop up every so often, so checking daily a month before you go may help. Not there then a few are for sale.
I agree tickets aren't cheap in London but if you search you will pay less than half and avoid those evil fees.