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West End

Love Never Dies But It Will Have To wait

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Love Never Dies But It Will Have To wait

Universal have just announced a 4 month delay with the release of the DVD/Blu Ray Of 'Love Never Dies'.

The DVD is of the current Australian production and will now be released on May 29th.

A Spanish production has just been announced and will open in Madrid in March 2013.
The Spanish production of 'The Phantom Of The Opera' has been one of the most successful of all the Broadway musicals to produced in the ever growing Spanish/ Broadway musical market.

Updated On: 1/4/12 at 01:09 PM
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Love Never Dies But It Will Have To wait

Posted: 1/5/12 at 10:59pm
I'm anxious to see the Australian production after seeing the West End version last April. It looks a lot different. On a side note, what is with the bedazzled phantom mask on the cover?
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I think the cast of the only way is essex may have done something to the phantoms mask!
No Doubt Our Paths Will Cross Again ! Matt
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Justin D
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I am very disapointed with these push backs.

I didnt realize Phantom when it was in Madrid was so successful, I thought it had a pretty short run.

Still hopeing it will make its way to Paris for a French Cast recording someday. Phantom at the Royal Empire Theatre
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Princeton Returns
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Is that for the UK as its still listed on Amazon and march? And the US date was May
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Love Never Dies But It Will Have To wait

Posted: 1/7/12 at 10:36am
MamasDoin'Fine, where did you hear about the Spanish production of Love Never Dies? It sounds a litte bit weird...