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Hamlet at the NT seating question

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Hamlet at the NT seating question#1
Posted: 10/6/10 at 12:40am
Hello --

For anyone familiar with seating in the Olivier, I have a question. I'll be seeing Hamlet later this month, and I have a choice of two seats. One is in the Circle, first row, seven seats from the house left wall. (A-74 to be exact.) The other seat is in the Stalls, third row, house right section, on the inner aisle. (C-10 to be exact.)

Both are farther to the side than I'd prefer, but does anyone have an opinion about which would be the better seat? I've never been in the Olivier.

Many thanks!
There's a link to a seating chart here.
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Hamlet at the NT seating question#2
Posted: 10/6/10 at 2:13am
There's no spectacle in this show that requires a more distant view and personally I like to be as close as possible. I saw it the other night in the second row slightly to the side and loved it. But, honestly, they're both good seats.
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Hamlet at the NT seating question#2
Posted: 10/6/10 at 5:18pm
Throwing in my opinion, for what it's worth, I would take the Stalls seat. Even at the side, I've learned to sit in the Stalls whenever possible. I find the circle a little too distant, however I'm seeing it in two weeks, and sparrman has already seen it.

Just my thoughts! Hope you have a great time seeing the play!