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Movies In A Theatre?

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Movies In A Theatre?#1
Posted: 8/3/10 at 6:07am
At the Bristol Hippodrome lately, they seem to be always showing movie trailers in the interval of shows...

I don't know if this happens in other theatres, but it REALLY annoys me...I think it happened when I saw EVTIA in Torquay.

Does anyone know why this is? And what companies/theatres do it? Is it a common thing in West-End theatres too now?
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Movies In A Theatre?#2
Posted: 8/3/10 at 6:17am
It used to happen in Live Nation theatres all over the country and I guess ATG is continuing the very tacky habit! The worst I have seen are Pearl & Dean style adverts for local take-aways at the Edinburgh Playhouse. Didn't fit the occasion at all!
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Movies In A Theatre?#2
Posted: 8/3/10 at 6:28am
Oh how tacky!

The money is big from adverts done this way so the theatre will benefit but i still think it really doesn't look right.
I remember many many years ago theatres showing slides of local shops etc onto the safety curtain. Seen a lot in the 70s but not recently.
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Movies In A Theatre?#3
Posted: 8/5/10 at 5:17am
Ah, but think of the revenue for the theatres. In a world when they are being knocked down and the soul destroying structural decay of many is visible before one enters the building, they will help to provide all important funding to ensure that the buildings can be looked after/restored, or at the very least that productions can be afforded and in some cases the staff can be paid. Its been done for many many years before the 70's with slide shows of local attractions and eateries. I think some of them are terrible and as you indicate not in keeping with the venue, production or evening as a whole.

Sadly though for many, I imagine needs must! Maybe its an answer to the ticket levy which gets on my tits cos 90% of the time I cant see where that money goes or what good it does! (but would rather have both than popcorn in a theatre, which makes me very cross. When I worked FOH made a terrible disgusting sticky smelly mess of the whole venue - rather like stripshows used to!)
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Movies In A Theatre?#4
Posted: 8/5/10 at 9:43am
I think a nice trailer for other shows and theatrical related stuff in the interval could work, and be a nice source of revenue.... if done well.

I saw it once (Can't remember where....) and it was just dodgy shops, car dealerships, that kind of thing.