Happy Birthday 45th Birthday Maria!

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Happy Birthday 45th Birthday Maria!#1
Posted: 3/2/10 at 4:50pm
So you're impressed with the box-office performance of 'Avatar'?
Never before has a movie made so much money so quickly?
Well, flash back a few decades and consider another movie that rocked the industry.

Never mind that 'The Godfather' and 'The Exorcist' grossed $100 million.
Never mind that 'Jaws' grossed $200 million.
Forget the umpteen times millions returned to see 'Star Wars', helping propel its original box office performance close to $300 million.
Forget the $350 million 'E.T'. made.
And ignore the $600 million amassed by 'Titanic'.
Before all of those spectacular feats there was another motion picture that brought in huge sums of money from the get-go and spawned an insane amount of repeat business worldwide for over 20 years.

The movie in question is 'The Sound Of Music', the beloved film production of the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical that still fills theatres when put on limited release every few years. On its original release it played in 27 U.S cities for more than 4 years continuously!
The award-winning 1965 film performed as a blockbuster before the industry knew just what a blockbuster was.

It had it's World Premiere presentation on 2nd March 1965 in New York at the famed Rivoli Theatre.

Happy Birthday 45th Birthday Maria!

Happy Birthday 45th Birthday Maria!
Happy Birthday 45th Birthday Maria!

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