London trip; no importance, RSC and Bette Bourne

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Quite a varied week theatre wise:

Anton and Erin 'Steppin' out': Cardiff's St David's hall, Wed,
If you like Ballroom it was a fun show, if you like DuBeke it was a fun show if you dislike either best to steer clear! Standard trotting out of ballroom standards, hampered by the very small stage (due to very large band) and personally I felt added to by the intervals of chat with the stars-others might want more dance however.

A Man of No importance: London, Thurs
Loved this, had no idea what it was about really having not seen the film, and wont spoiler for anyone else but a very charming musical which anyone who has ever come from a small town or been involved in community theatre will love. A great contrast to blockbuster musicals and though based on a film felt very fresh. Oscar Wilde fans will lap up the references too. Musically nice, nothing stands out but it's not really a 'breakout pop hit' kind of musical! Cast universally strong and great to see a solid ensemble.

The Exlier of Love ENO
Great fresh feeling production that gains from its 50s America setting and translation-I'd recomend it as a 'starter' opera for anyone. Good example of ENO experimenting with the artform they know well and getting it right in contrast to their reccent musical efforts.

A life in Three Acts-Bette Bourne and Mark Ravenhill, SoHo theatre Sat
LOVED THIS. This was actually a work related outing but by far my favourite theatre outing of the week. Bette is as fabulous and engaging as those familar with him will hope, faccinating insight into a varied and interesting life. Still fabulous as ever a few acappella musical numbers prove the showgirl is still in there! Ravenhill seems a bit redundant at times as Bette steams on with the show but his structuring of the show (created from their taped conversations) keeps things on track and you can see he's enjoying it as much as the audience even after hearing the stories 100s of times.

12th Night, RSC, Sat.
A great production in my opinion, and a lovely example of Shakespeare's comedy. Ensemble on fine form as ususal, the setting in a seeminly far Eastern land seems to fit the play well. An odd work in that the 'leads' have comparitvly less to do than the 'fool' characters who take the story foreward, but all worked well. Richard Wilson was a bit 'shouty Shakespeare' for my liking but did pull off some great comic moments.
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