Cole: An entertainment based on the words and music of Cole Porter

Millie Lammoreaux
Featured Actor
Featured Actor
I appeared in a Miami production of this wonderful revue and am desperately seeking the original cast recording. Help, please, if you can. Details below. Thanks!

Recorded at the Mermaid Theatre, July 14-15, 1974
Produced by Charles Gerhardt & George Korngold
# Double LP, 1974 [RCA Red Seal CRL2-5054]

Featuring Angela Richards, Peter Gale, Kenneth Nelson, Julia McKenzie, Rod McLennan, Una Stubbs, Lucy Fenwick, Bill Kerr, Elizabeth Power, and Ray Cornell

Show devised by Benny Green and Alan Strachan
Opened July 2, 1974 at the Mermaid Theatre, London
Directed by Alan Strachan and David Toguri

It's too early for noches.