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Hexagon Theatre Reading To Be Demolished.

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Hexagon Theatre Reading To Be Demolished.#1
Posted: 12/1/09 at 5:32am
Hexagon Theatre Reading To Be Demolished.
One of the UKs ugliest theatrical buildings is into its final days.
Reading council are to demolish the Hexagon Theatre and build a completely new venue in a different part of the town.
When it opened its doors in 1977 it was seen as a revolutionary building with its flick of a switch technology enabling it to stage many different entertainments from snooker to ice skating, rock concerts to pantomime.
In the 80s and early 90s it was a major stop on all number one tours.
Now it is just a concert venue more than anything.
It is famed all over the UK for its staging of world snooker tournaments but most of those are now staged in Sheffield's Crucible Theatre.
Reading is one of many city's that I am sure are now regretting the spat of demolition in the 1950s and 60s of the wonderful Palaces, Theatre Royal's and Empires. Reading used to have a glorious Matcham theatre called The Everyman.
The new theatre will be incorporated into a brand new council building.
Hexagon Theatre Reading To Be Demolished.

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I was taken to many a matinee there when I was at school. Horrid building, but I have a certain sentimental attachment to it! Even though I saw Kenwright!Joseph there. LOL