Australian Musical Creator Launches Worldwide Online Search For Production Company

PeterGJSinclair Profile PhotoPeterGJSinclair Profile Photo
It's been over a decade since Peter G. James Sinclair first conceptualized his musical project 'The Cross & the Switchblade' which is based upon a best selling book and film created back in the 1960's.

But it was only when he gave his piano away this year and then moved house, and to his amazement, on finding that another piano came with the house, that he dusted off his old dream to launch his musical commercially, and has now chosen to use the world wide web, and the creation of his website to help him find a production company. He is looking for just the right person or company who will work with him to ultimately fulfill his dream of seeing it played in the city, where the original story was birthed - New York, New York - but is willing to start with off Broadway productions elsewhere in the world.

'As the owner of a web design company,' Peter says, 'I know the power of using visual images, video and audio online in order to portray an idea. So within the website that we have created we have used all these elements to showcase the material to potential musical production companies.'

When asked what the musical is about, Peter replied, 'There is a murder in New York. The Cross & the Switchblade tells the story of the dream of a country preacher, David Wilkerson, to provide the members of teenage gangs in New York a way of escape from the cycle of destruction that they have found themselves in. It's a story of despair, and yet it is a powerful story of hope set in an atmosphere of incredible conflict, right until the end of the show.'

Peter adds, 'The whole purpose of the website is to give enough insight to producers and production companies alike, to then, if they like what they see and hear, request the full copy of the book and the score that I have created. Of course they can request this online and it will be delivered to them online as well.'

But at the same time, those who visit his website can receive a free copy of his latest 35 page e-Book 'Dust Off Your Dream' by subscribing to his Blog Both have been created to inspire others to resurrect their discarded dreams while in pursuit of his own dream.

Peter is excited about the launch of his new musical promotion website and is adamant about his ultimate goal, and it is this: 'to have professionals to come alongside me, and see the fulfillment of my dream on Broadway and then on to major theaters throughout the world'.