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Theatre in March

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Theatre in March#1
Posted: 10/8/09 at 1:54pm
Hi, will be visiting London March 10-17 2010. I plan to go to four shows (Priscilla. Sister Act, Legally Blonde and now Love Never Dies). While getting info on booking a one day tour out of London, I was told that March was an extremely busy month due to Spring break. I don't know if that was BS or not...but if this is indeed March a busier time for the theatre? I really don't want to get my tickets for my shows until arrival. Most of the tickets I will be getting other than day seats will be the cheapos. Any info you can give I will appreciate it.
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Broadway Star
re: Theatre in March#2
Posted: 10/8/09 at 3:22pm
I don't think that's a busier time really-we don't have 'spring break' around the time your trip is-our schools/colleges have a break closer to Easter (So beginning of April this year).

It will be a bit busier than now (traditionally a bit of a 'dead' time) But the shows you've chosen are new/popular so booking ahead would be wise I think if you're desperate to see them.

ETA: Before anyone else says it I'm not saying that LND will be popular just new!!
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