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Christmas at the Globe

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Christmas at the Globe#1
Posted: 8/5/09 at 8:34am
Theatregoers at Shakespeare?s Globe will be wrapping up warm this winter as the open air venue stages its debut Christmas production.

Footsbarn?s Christmas Cracker, which will run for 18 performances between 22 December and 3 January, is billed as a ?family feast of carnival, comedy and Christmas cheer?.

A short production of two half hour acts separated by an interval, meaning audiences don?t spend too long in the cold, Christmas Cracker is inspired by the works of Shakespeare and will draw on London?s bawdy pagan past and festive traditions.

Don't know about you, but standing outside in the Winter does not do it for me, but be a good excuse for some mulled wine!!!
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re: Christmas at the Globe#2
Posted: 8/5/09 at 11:21am
Jesus!, its cold enuf on Oxford Street Christmas week doing my shopping so you wont stand a chance of seeing me sitting on the banks of the Thames that week!