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Member Name: MusicalBoy
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Birthday: 9 - 7
Gender: Male
Location: Bournemouth, England
Occupation: Student
Favorite Show(s): A Little Night Music
Into the Woods
Love Never Dies
Merrily We Roll Along
Sweeney Todd

Favorite Performer(s): Daniel Evans
Sutton Foster
Ramin Karimloo
Graham MacDuff
Audra McDonald
Idina Menzel
Julian Ovenden
Sara Ramirez
Jenna Russell
Sherie Rene Scott
Hannah Waddingham
Shona White

Currently Listening To: Spamalot - UK Tour Cast

Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • Will The Color Purple be the first revival of a musical from the 2000's?  May 16 2015, 06:35:20 PM

    ^ I'm gonna say Sweeney Todd was a faster turnaround, with a broadway revival 9 years after the original production, in 1989?

  • James Barbour Sex Offender??????  Jan 14 2015, 05:06:22 PM
    ^ I'm gonna push the boat out on that one and suggest they're the young girls who haven't had the homosexual male's perspective on the meaning of age...

    Unfortunately, I doubt they'll ever issue any kind of statement or press release, because it's too good a story not to get run on the national news and the nice tourists from the midwest might end up buying Mamma Mia tickets instead...
  • Les Mis: What a Shame!!!  May 25 2014, 11:55:55 AM
    This is a revival, and a revised, new production of Les Misérables that doesn't necessarily use the original staging or orchestrations.

    A little bit of research can save you disappointment when buying a ticket.
  • Tovah Feldshuh Leaving PIPPIN?  Nov 17 2013, 04:03:30 AM
    I've said it before, I'll say it again.

    Julie Halston.
  • Confirmed: Tovah Feldshuh to Sub for Andrea Martin in PIPPIN  Aug 10 2013, 12:54:20 PM
    Julie Halston anybody?
  • Stunt Cast the lead roles in Wicked for one night  Jul 28 2013, 04:08:39 PM
    For the record, OP, Lea Michele couldn't sing Glinda.
  • Glenn Close in ALNM?  Jun 26 2013, 03:42:05 PM
    I feel Glenn Close would've made a fine Desiree for a concert production or a run in some capacity, but not a definitive one, she lacks the sensuality and youthfulness beyond her age.

    As long as we're discussing favourite Desirees, Hannah Waddingham (Trevor Nunn's first Desiree in London) has yet to be topped, as does that entire production in my mind (in the west end, god knows what happened before it opened on broadway).
  • Was there ever a time when every theatre on Broadway had a tenant at the same time?  Jun 26 2013, 03:38:57 PM
    There was a time...
    Our happiness seemed never-ending...
  • Sally Bowles Portrayals  Jun 25 2013, 05:47:52 PM
    ^ Jane Horrocks is actually a very talented singer, known largely for having starred in the film 'Little Voice'. She made the choice to scream her way through the abortion-metaphor-heavy-Life is a cabaret at the Donmar Warehouse, perhaps a little too brash, but altogether thrilling.
  • Cute little lyrics you love  Jun 25 2013, 05:23:36 PM
    "Sometimes she drinks in bed, sometimes he's homosexual;
    But why be vicious, they keep it out of sight,
    good show - they're gonna be alright"

    - Sondheim
  • Sally Bowles Portrayals  Jun 25 2013, 05:10:32 PM
    Why does being a 'leading lady' mean she has to be an excellent singer?

    Tell that one to tony award winners Rosalind Russell and Glynis Johns...
  • Sally Bowles Portrayals  Jun 25 2013, 04:59:35 PM
    ^ Throw in a gritty, realistic production, the smoking and drinking, the brash characterisation and the dingy cabaret club, Sally really shouldn't be a strong singer, to my taste it doesn't wash right.

    ESPECIALLY the way that the last revival had 'Life is a cabaret' directed, strong, or at least polished singing, wouldn't have been right.
  • Shrek at the Muny question  Jun 25 2013, 04:55:30 PM
    I get it for Julia, who has to change mutliple times between green makeup and normal flesh colour, I guess that means Shrek has to match her level of ogreness....
  • Sally Bowles Portrayals  Jun 25 2013, 04:54:07 PM
    Natasha Richardson.
  • Cute little lyrics you love  Jun 19 2013, 04:49:22 PM
    What would we do without you?
    How would we ever get through?
    Should there be a marital squabble,
    Available Bob'll
    Be there with the glue.
  • Who will replace Jane Lynch?  Jun 18 2013, 02:57:56 PM
    I was watching the 2006 Company Revival video again today and it occurred to me how fantastic Barbara Walsh would be as Hannigan, if not my vote goes with whoever said Miriam Shor, she'd be terrific and would sound phenomenal!
  • Patti Lupone talks about Elena Roger in  Jun 18 2013, 02:55:17 PM
    ^ I have already agreed with most of what you just said, we could save a lot of time debating if you read everything I wrote!

    And I am NEVER calling Patti run of the mill, I am saying that like many other broadway actresses (mostly leading ladies and stars themselves, many of the elphabas for example...) she has an excellent voice capable of singing the Evita score, but so do they, it isn't JUST her.

  • Patti Lupone talks about Elena Roger in  Jun 18 2013, 02:45:41 PM
    eeek, okay I never explicitly said anybody called her a deity, I suggested that you treated her as such with the unyielding praising of her as better than any other performer, and such comments. And I never disagreed with any of the comments you just made about the score of Evita. It is INSANELY difficult, but there are MANY women on broadway with INSANELY capable voices.
  • Patti Lupone talks about Elena Roger in  Jun 18 2013, 02:39:47 PM
    ^ This shows that she has great vocal technique and stamina, but I would argue so do other actresses, who aren't in their 60s yet, but sing with more power and range than LuPone did at their age.
  • Patti Lupone talks about Elena Roger in  Jun 18 2013, 02:36:35 PM
    Okay, let's do this one at a time.

    ABitOnTheSide: I keep saying vocally and you keep talking about her star power as a performer, hence why you're using examples of Angela Lansbury and Bernadette Peters to prove excellent vocals, which seems odd...I would suggest that Jessie Mueller, Sherie Rene Scott, Rachel York and Audra McDonald might have close to the same amount of electricity as a presence onstage, but I agree that LuPone is up there with the best in that respect :)