OVER THE RAINBOW: Jessica Pinkett's Weekly Round-Up

The voting results throughout the series of Over The Rainbow have been quite unpredictable, so it's fitting that the top four Dorothys have all been in bottom two before, not once but twice each! It's hard to think of any examples of a TV talent show where the winner had previously been in the bottom two, but with Over the Rainbow it is now certain that that will be the case. This makes the show rather exciting, as it leaves the competition truly open for any girl to win.

First they each sang a pop ballad, and the genre suited all of the girls well.
Sophie's performance of My Reflection by Christina Aguilera was strong but sweet and enjoyable to watch. It was still not quite perfect but this is the kind of performance she should be doing at this stage, so considering I see her as the least talented singer this was a great achievement for her.

Steph went for a slightly overdone song choice, and the word change of 'girl' to 'now' was clunky as it messed up the rhyme scheme. It was not the best performance of song ever and not, in my opinion, one of Steph's best either, which was a shame as I still love Steph and really like the song too.

Lauren definitely had the best vocals of the night. She may be an annoying over-achiever but Lauren certainly would be a deserved winner of this series in terms of her talent. However, the fact that the public don't seem to have warmed to her suggests that they wouldn't be especially keen to see her in The Wizard of Oz, so her win would not be good for ticket sales.

Danielle gave us another really good performance but lost out slightly by being next to Lauren with her amazing vocals. There were a few mistakes but it was well-performed as usual. She has the youthfully naive quality which is needed to play Dorothy, but also the maturity and professional approach to be capable of such a big role. I think she would be a worthy winner and a more popular one than Lauren.

The judges have been quite varied in quality this year, with Sheila Hancock becoming a surprise favourite, considering I didn't like her much at the beginning. I love her for telling the audience not to vote on who has the nicest grandparents, but actually on the girls' talent. John has been quite dull, apart from his skin, while Charlotte has not been too bad, having a fair amount of useful feedback for the girls. As for Andrew, he is always good comedy value, but did he always have so many tenuously-linked theatrical anecdotes? There's been at least one a week this series and I love watching the girls' 'just smile and go with it' reactions.

My prediction was that Steph and Lauren would be the bottom two, with Lauren to go, and I was almost right but unfortunately it was Steph, by far my favourite Dorothy, who had to leave the competition. I wasn't too surprised as she hasn't been as good recently but still was very sad to lose my favourite Dorothy so close to the final. It was really nice that she thanked everyone backstage, showing that she genuinely wants to be part of a production, not just the star. I'm sure she will soon be appearing in the West End and hopefully it won't be the last we'll see of her on TV either as she's one of the few who are well-suited to both mediums. I'm actually quite excited to see what she will do next.

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