Interview: 'To be Able to Take Christian Through his Journey Every Night, I Feel Very, Very Lucky' - Jamie Muscato of MOULIN ROUGE! THE MUSICAL

Moulin Rouge! runs at the Piccadilly Theatre with tickets on sale through September 2023.

Moulin Rouge! The Musical

BroadwayWorld UK recently spoke with Jamie Muscato, who is starring as Christian in Moulin Rouge! The Musical, which is running at the Piccadilly Theatre on the West End.

We discussed what it has been like taking on such an iconic role, his favourite scenes in the show, and people experiencing 'Moulin Rouge! The Musical Withdrawal Syndrome' after seeing the show!

How did you first get involved in the world of musical theatre?

I grew up in Brighton and its got a big amateur theatre scene there, so I just fell into it. I did a pantomime - My parents drove past and were like, "Ooh, do that! That'll keep you busy for a while.

And then started doing more and more and more and more until it was the only thing I really did. One of the casting directors from Spring Awakening saw me, Pippa Ailion, and then that got me my first professional job. So it was a really linear journey from amateur to professional, which was very lucky.

What made you want to be involved in Moulin Rouge! The Musical?

Well, it's Moulin Rouge!! The team is amazing. The show is brilliant. It would have been a silly job to turn down. [Laughs]

Had you been a fan of the film before?

No! To be honest, the film passed me by when I was younger. A lot of my friends were obsessed with it, but for some reason, I just didn't see it until quite a lot later. Now obviously, it's a classic! I love it!

Moulin Rouge! The MusicalWhat is it like playing such an iconic role?

I feel very lucky. To be able to take Christian through his journey every night, I feel very, very lucky. It's a really beautiful role that's got high points, low points . . . He's angry. He's sad. He's happy. He's in love. He has the whole range of human emotions within two and a half hours.

Do you find you've been able to make it your own character versus comparing it to others like Ewan McGregor?

Well, I'd like to think so. But I think anyone that does it makes it their own because you put what you are into it. We had quite a lot of scope when we were rehearsing to blur the edges of what has been set and find our way around and through.

Moulin Rouge! The Musical

Do you have a favourite scene to play in the show?

One of my favourite scenes is one I hardly say anything in! [Laughs] It's between me and Ian Carlyle, who plays Toulouse-Lautrec. And I'm upset because Satine has just said, "Go away. We're not gonna be together." Sitting, having coffee, Toulouse-Lautrec comes up and tells me the story of his childhood and how he met Satine and he does it so beautifully every night - All I've got to do is watch it. And I find myself doing the best acting because I'm just reacting to him! So yeah, that's one of my favourite scenes, watching Ian work.

And what's your favourite song to sing?

Favourite to sing . . . Anything! I love seeing this stuff. "Elephant Love Medley" scene is amazing. I really like the end of the show, when Satine has died - Spoilers! - And Christian talks to the audience and says, "So this is our story" and then sings to Satine at the end. That's one of my favourite bits.

Moulin Rouge! The MusicalWhat do you think it is about Moulin Rouge! The Musical that draws so many people to it?

I don't know. But even some of my friends who like musical theatre, they're not musical theatre fanatics, they say that they have "Moulin Rouge! Withdrawal Syndrome."

So they see it and they feel like they have to come again. I think it's very cathartic. I think you get such a rush of endorphins watching it, watching the girls do their dancing and whacking their legs up in the air . . . I think it's very vital. You can almost feel the energy coming off the stage. It's addictive!

Have you had any fan interactions that have stood out to you throughout your time in the show?

I've got some nice drawings! Everyone at stage door is lovely. It's nice to see people that have enjoyed themselves. They come tell me sometimes that I made them cry, which is sort of my job!

How do you think this role has changed you as both an actor and a person?

Well, my stamina has definitely improved, because this is one of the hardest sings for a male performer that I've ever seen. So doing that eight times a week really has solidified my vocal cords.

It's a workout!

It's like going to the gym every day. I just feel very lucky to be able to come into London every day and perform in the West End. To have sold-out audiences pretty much every day is the dream.

What do you hope audiences take away from the show?

I would just like them to experience something. [Laughs] They can either love the love, or they can love the hate, or they can love . . . something! There's something for everyone to love, and I wouldn't want to tell them what they should love. But there's definitely something for everyone.

Moulin Rouge! The MusicalDo you have a character that you would want to play if you weren't playing Christian?

Well, Christian is the best character, obviously!

I'd like to do Ziegler, but I'd be very bad at it! [Laughs]

If you could add any song to the show, what would it be?

That's difficult because there's 74 songs in the show! Trying to think of any song that's not in the show is actually quite hard. It's almost perfectly crafted. I think Justin Levine, when he was putting it all together, looked at every single song there's ever been, and he's got an encyclopedic knowledge of music. So I wouldn't want to mess with genius.

How would you describe the show in one word?


Moulin Rouge! The Musical is running at Piccadilly Theatre

Images of the 2022-2023 London production by Matt Crockett and Johan Persson



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