Get Some Satisfaction this Summer at The Apollo!

Announcing the arrival of one of the most sensational dance events ever to hit the West End…a show for everyone, SATISFACTION guaranteed!

The idea's simple: take the music of the greatest rock band of all time, (who'll have just been playing down the road at 02 when the show opens) THE ROLLING STONES; blend with the extraordinary energy and genius of the legendary Danish choreographer Peter Schaufuss and his dance company, and drop the resulting delicacy into one of the West End's most charming and intimate theatres:  the Apollo in Shaftesbury Avenue.

The Apollo is where the hit-dance show SATISFACTION opens on August 28th, and that's where the spirit of the 'Stones in the sixties and seventies, in the sex, drugs and rock'n'roll era lots of us pretend to remember, will be coming alive this summer.

Peter Schaufuss describes his latest creation as a "dancical".  What's a "dancical" you ask? Well, according to Schaufuss who has produced no fewer than 17 dance spectaculars over the past 10 years, it's not exactly a ballet, nor is it trying to be a musical. SATISFACTION is a thrilling dance show set to the brilliant singles of the Rolling Stone's first raw outpourings of creativity: each track heralds a different dance and tells its own story.

"Twenty-four of the Rolling Stones' hits and the twenty-five dancers in SATISFACTION together make for a vibrant and fascinating multimedia experience of dance, music and light which capture the audience"  explains Schaufuss.

And now, just consider the icing on the creative cake, with the news that Britain's greatest political cartoonist, the equal of Hogarth and Gilray in the 18th  century, none other than the Sunday Times's Gerald Scarfe has drawn extraordinary caricatures of the Rolling Stones which form a part of the staging and the atmosphere of SATISFACTION.

Of course, SCARFE's no stranger to working in the rock business: his were the fabulous concepts Pink Floyd in The Wall and as the husband of actress Jane Asher he's been in the heart of London performance for a generation.

SATISFACTION, needless to say, brings together talent from right across the dance and music fields, and is set to be the hottest ticket in town through its sheer originality and the sure-fire nature of the Rolling Stones' original performances…that's right: no cover here,: it's JAGGER and RICHARDS all the way (well, there is "Like a Rolling Stone" which Bob Dylan wrote, and "Down the Road Apiece" which Don Raye penned, but everything else is theirs…)


Here's the track list: it reads exactly like a Rolling Stones Greatest Hits album…because that's what it is…

Under My Thumb…Get Off My Cloud…Play with Fire…Sympathy for the Devil…As Time Goes By…Ruby Tuesday…Time Is On My Side….You Can't Always Get What You Want…Paint It Black…Down the Road-a-Piece…Angie…Sweet Black Angel…Wild Horses…She's a Rainbow…The Lantern…Pain in My Heart…Red Rooster…The Worst…Mona…This Place is Empty…Laugh, I Nearly Died…Streets of Love…Like a Rolling Stone…(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction…

PETER SCHAUFUSS is one of the world's greatest choreographers and dancers. He graduated from the Royal Danish Ballet School, was a Director of the English National Ballet, and has held numerous artistic directorships all over the world. He founded his company just a decade ago in 1997, since when awards and praise have never ceased to envelop him and the 17 productions he's been responsible for. His dance exploration of the tragic life of Diana, Princess of Wales made the headlines two years ago, its delicate, sensitive artistry silencing criticism, and waking the British public up to the talent of its creator.



Tickets are priced from £15.00-£40.00 are available online by clicking the link or through calling 0870 040 0080 provided by Nimax Theatres  


Performances times are Monday to Saturday at 8pm, with performances on Friday and Saturday at 5pm


Strictly limited season from 28th August until 08 September 2007

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