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BWW Review: TIMBERLINA, Latitude Festival

BWW Review: TIMBERLINA, Latitude Festival

BWW Review: TIMBERLINA, Latitude Festival At a festival with more Waitrose Bags for Life and recycling bins than toilets, Timberlina proves to be a fitting end to Latitude. Tackling the "impending environmental catastrophe", Timberlina is an alt-drag act come eco-warrior come role model.

Sharing wisdom and warnings about an ever destructive society, Timberlina chooses to convey these messages through a very specific medium: song. Armed with a guitar, a beautiful voice and luscious beard, they take the audience on a journey through their world in this half hour slot.

Opening with "Packaging", you do wonder how preachy this will be at points. Although in a show of which 98% is about environmentalism, that is rather the point. Timberlina's wonderful way, however, ensures this line is only trodden lightly. And if it is trodden, they make sure it is in either sustainable walking boots or high heels.

Timberlina enchants the audience, swinging their heels and chatting between songs. Getting to know the crowd, there is no judgement here and all are welcome. While focusing on the life of the planet, there's still time for some lighter parts of the show. There are some hilarious lines during the set and one of the best opening lines to a song I've ever heard: "I am a white middle-class male, and there is nothing I cannot do".

Away from the jokes, there are also some genuinely moving moments. "Embrace Your Queer" sings out from the Cabaret Tent, enticing passers-by to come in. A line about the benefits of walking boots provokes both laughs and thought: "Whatever happens in the world, you can always walk away". A few people look to their shoes, tightening their laces ever so slightly. It's moments like this that perfectly sum up part of Timberlina's appeal: joyous eco-woe.

With a decade of performing under their fashion forward belt, Timberlina is no stranger to performing in unconventional venues. They have performed everywhere from kitchens to the Tate Modern, and they even host The Big Bingo Show every week at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern.

It seemed, however, that they could not quite sustain this audience's attention. Although, that is more a comment on the crowd than the show. In a late night slot, any show would struggle to retain the attention of a post-Fatboy Slim crowd, let alone an acoustic eco-friendly one. Faced with a rude, loud crowd, Timberlina endeavored. And to their credit, the audience who were listening were with them all the way.

Accompanied by the tuneful twangs of the guitar, Timberlina does it all: sings, swings, and serves some truth.

Timberlina tours until November 2017

Photo Credit: Timberlina

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