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BOOM X at Belfry Theatr


7/30/2019 - 8/18/2019


Belfry Theatr

1291 Gladstone Avenue
Victoria, V8T 1G5
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Tickets Info

$20 and up
Phone: +1 02503856835

BOOM X in Vancouver

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high energy magic carpet ride with a real genie for a tour guide CALGARY HERALDan audience-pleasing earworm for the eyes, ears and hearts THE GLOBE & MAILA one-man show master A multimedia showcase of Rick Millers incredibly unique ability to bring all this pop culture to life CBC NEWSStunning A marvellous mashup of media, verbatim theatre, jukebox musical and autobiographical confession THE GLOBE & MAILHugely entertaining A real barn burner, a crowd pleaser CJAD, MontrealMesmerizing BOOM X is a frenetic, rollicking run through a fascinating time period CALGARY HERALDRick Millers multimedia masterpiece BOOM struck a chord with Belfry audiences in the summer of 2015. Picking up where BOOM left off at Woodstock in 1969 BOOM X tackles the music, culture and politics of Generation X. Surrounded by stunning visuals, Rick plays more than 100 famous people musicians, celebrities, politicians in his own story of growing up and trying to navigate the tangled legacy of the Baby Boom.

Belfry Theatr Frequently Asked Questions

What shows are coming up next at Belfry Theatr
Bang Bang (10/29-11/24)

Where is Belfry Theatr located?
Belfry Theatr is at 1291 Gladstone Avenue, Victoria.

What shows have played recently at Belfry Theatr
Bang Bang (10/29/19-11/24/19)
BOOM X (7/30/19-8/18/19)

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