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Where We Meet show poster

Where We Meet at Theatre Deli

Dates: (14/6/2024 - 15/6/2024 )


Theatre Deli

Unwired Dance Theatre

Theatre Deli, 107 Leadenhall Steet EC3A 4AF
London , EC3A 4AF

Tickets: £16.50 - £20

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Friday 14th June: 6:00pm - 6.30pm, 6:45 - 7.15pm, 7:45 - 8.15pm, 8:30 + Q&A (until 9:20)
Saturday 15th June: 5:45pm - 6.15pm, 6:30pm - 7.00pm (relaxed performance), 7:30pm - 7.45pm, 8:15pm - 8.45pm

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Where We Meet is an interactive, audio-based dance installation where audiences can experience the inner thoughts of a dancer. This piece aims to open up the conversation about mental health and to break down taboos by facilitating an empathetic and intimate experience. It begins with the fundamental notion that we can never truly comprehend what is transpiring in someone's mind if we don’t actively choose to connect and be open to understanding.

Each audience member, equipped with headphones, is tracked in the space. As they walk around the space and choose which performers to engage with, innovative location-tracking technology will trigger audio monologues.

In return, thanks to a wearable device, the dancer can decide which thoughts to share with the audience and invite them to participate in gentle moments of interaction. This version of performance is designed for 2 dancers and 6 participants per session.


Co-director & Choreographer: Livia Massarelli

Co-director & Creative Technology Lead: Clemence Debaig

Dancers: Noelle Lahaye, Ryan Naiken

Music composer: Christina Karpodini

Writer: Emma Nuttall

Voice artists: Caterina Grosoli, Lisa Ronkowski, Iain Ferrier

Creative technology: Branden Faulls

Sound Engineering: Vas Papageorgakopoulos, Hilltops Recording

About this performance 

Age guidance: This performance is recommended for ages 14+. This age guidance is a recommendation based on the topics covered during the performance and the nature of the interactive performance that requires a certain level of maturity in the space. But we are happy to leave it to the discretion of the parents. Please note that our headphones are sized for an adult head and might feel uncomfortable for smaller heads.

Content warning: The performance covers topics of mental health challenges, especially around body dismorphia and perfectionism and anxiety that some audience members might find distressing. The performance takes place in a dark environment with floor projections.

Interval: There will be no interval for this performance. 

Post show discussion: The Friday performance at 8:30 will be followed by a short Q&A. 

Tickets: Tickets are £16.50 - £20 and are available to purchase through Eventbrite 


The 6:30pm performance on Saturday will be a relaxed performance with more light in the space and a more detailed onboarding session.

Please note that the performance relies on interactive audio monologues and we are not yet able to provide BSL interpretation or captioning.

See our Accessibility Guide for information about access in our venue. 

Find out more about Unwired Dance Theatre

Unwired Dance Theatre makes immersive and playable experiences - for remote audiences, IRL and virtual stages, galleries and more unconventional sites. Unwired’s work questions our sense of empathy, especially when mediated through technology, and often explores what remote connection could look like.

From networked wearables to XR, they like to work at the intersection of dance and technology to create unique and thought-provoking experiences, with meaningful audience participation at its core.

Where We Meet is co-directed by Clemence Debaig, a dance artist and creative technologist, and Livia Massarelli, a choreographer and certified wellbeing coach.

Twitter: @UnwiredDance

Instagram: @unwireddancetheatre


This performance is part of the SHIFT+SPACE programme 

Theatre Deli’s SHIFT+SPACE programme is a free performance opportunity for artists to present their work that needs an audience to develop, where artists keep 100% of the Box Office! 

Find out more about the SHIFT+SPACE programme here.

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Theatre Deli is at Theatre Deli, 107 Leadenhall Steet EC3A 4AF, London .

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Theatre Deli is at Theatre Deli, 107 Leadenhall Steet EC3A 4AF, London .


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