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Hello, Box Office show poster

Hello, Box Office at Theatre Deli

Dates: (5/7/2024 - 6/7/2024 )


Theatre Deli

Five Pigeons Pecking a Bin Bag

Theatre Deli, 107 Leadenhall Steet EC31 4AF
London, EC3A 4AF

Tickets: Pay What You Can

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Friday 5th July, 7.30 - 8.40pm and Saturday 6th July, 7.30pm - 8.40pm

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Picture this: a dystopian, not-too-distant future where Andrew Lloyd Webber has sole power and responsibility for investing in the UK theatre industry. Theatre venues are dying out and everyone is fighting for funding.

Then, on an average day, in a damp and grotty office where the wallpaper is peeling, the desks are made from cardboard and pens are scarce, the Red Phone rings. There has been a national announcement and the lives of three Box Office workers are thrown into chaos. There is only enough funding for one theatre in the entire UK, and there can only be one winner. Suddenly the flood in the basement that took out the finance department is the last thing on their minds. Who will win? And what happens to everyone else?

Hello, Box Office delves into themes of stagnation, brutality and burnout in the theatre industry. It explores how far people can go to keep their passion alight, what happens when the pressure is on and who comes out on top.


Beth Wilson - Actor / Writer

Daniella Finch - Actor / Writer

Ted Marriott - Actor / Writer

About this performance

Age guidance: The age guidance for this performance is 13+

Content warning: Strong language and violence

Interval: This performance does not have an interval.  

Post show discussion: This performance does not have a post show discussion.  

Tickets: Tickets are Pay What You Can and available through Eventbrite


See our Accessibility Guide for information about access in our venue. 

Find out more about Five Pigeons Pecking a Bin Bag

Five Pigeons Pecking a Bin Bag is a theatre company set up and led by artistic directors; Beth Wilson and Daniella Finch. We like to create new work that asks the big, uncomfortable questions and explores the unsavoury bits of humanity. We love to champion new writing, from platforming other artists in our scratch nights, In The Loft, to creating our own work, which we write, produce and perform. Our work is inspired by clowning and absurdism and we want to create theatre that is bold, foul humoured and a little bit weird.

Twitter: @5_pigeons 

Instagram: @5pigeons_peckingabinbag

TikTok: @5pigeonspeckingabinbag 


This performance is part of the SHIFT+SPACE programme 

Theatre Deli’s SHIFT+SPACE programme is a free performance opportunity for artists to present their work that needs an audience to develop, where artists keep 100% of the Box Office! 

Find out more about the SHIFT+SPACE programme here.

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Theatre Deli is at Theatre Deli, 107 Leadenhall Steet EC31 4AF, London.

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