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Losing the Night at The Old Marke


3/18/2020 - 3/20/2020


The Old Marke

Upper Market Street
Brighton, BN3 1AS
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Tickets Info

£14.50 (£10 conc.)
Phone: 01273 201 801

Losing the Night in UK Regional

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"What would you say to him? If he was here? Right now? Drinking at this bar?" A pub. A long shift. Two mates and a whole heap of unruly memories. How do we remember those who arent here anymore? Do we always put them on a pedestal? How do we find the language to talk about mental health and addiction? How do we carry on in the face of loss? Why does everyone want to leave their home town and what happens when youre the one left behind? Liam and Mitch havent seen each other since they lost Dylan. Trapped in a pub during a dead shift with nothing to do but wash glasses and eat Bombay mix, they start to dig deep into the past and try to get to the truth. Losing the Night is a show by poet and theatre maker Cecilia Knapp supported by the Arts Council. With humour and delicate storytelling, Cecilia looks at the mental health crisis in the UK through the eyes of two everyday young people experiencing it on the front line. She explores the reality of bereavement through suicide and confronts the things that sometimes dont feel acceptable to talk about, the challenging conversations that follow a loss like this. She examines how men and women navigate loss differently, how we remember the dead, how we find joy and laughter again and how we reconcile the past. Seeing these stories platformed on stage will, she hopes, be a catalyst for conversation, for empathy, for comfort and for change.

Ages: Under 16s accompanied

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