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IN THE WINGS Returns For A Second Series Later This Summer

The episode dates will follow later this month.

IN THE WINGS Returns For A Second Series Later This Summer

Following its huge success in June and July, IN THE WINGS is set to return later this summer for 6 glorious weeks of free-to-view episodes. The episode dates will follow later this month.

IN THE WINGS is a series of human-interest interviews and live entertainment hosted in a London theatre with composers, writers and creatives of shows that are postponed due to COVID-19. In the first step towards theatres' return those composers and writers are given a platform on which to showcase their work.

Over 40K viewers watched Series One on YouTube which lit the way for the FIRST LIVE PERFORMANCES with a LIVE BAND in a theatre since Covid-19 darkened our doors.

Series 2 will also be recorded live, this time in a West End theatre. As well as a live band, each episode will feature performances from a stellar line-up of WEST END STARS, a host of 2020 MUSICAL THEATRE GRADUATES and interviews with creatives from 6 brilliantly written new British musicals all of which are postponed due to the Covid pandemic.

The programme line-up features: Millennials (Elliot Clay); Plan Bea (by Suzy Davies, Verity Quade, Jessie Reeves, Rosie McElroy, and Deborah Gersohn); The Rise (by Graham Lappin); Terror at the Sweet Shop (by Gavin Brock and Nichola Rivers); The Wicker Husband (by Darren Clark and Rhys Jennings), and You and I (by Cordelia O'Driscoll and Tom Williams).

Filmed in strict accordance with social distancing guidelines.

Cast and air dates to be announced later this month.

Where Can I See It?

The scheduled dates will be released later this month.

Viewers will be able to watch for free on:

Cast news, programme details and scheduling information will appear on social media in the next few weeks.

Series 2 - Featured Productions

MILLENNIALS by Elliot Clay

'Millennials' is about extraordinarily ordinary people - the one walking down the street, the one staring into a mirror and the one with a secret. This powerful and uplifting collection of songs amplifies the lives, the losses and the frustrations of young people in the modern world. With music and lyrics by Elliot Clay, 'Millennials' runs the gamut of modern pop music and sends musical theatre hurtling through the 21st century.

THE WICKER HUSBAND - by Darren Clark and Rhys Jennings

'The Wicker Husband' is a musical adaptation of a story by Ursula Wills-Jones. The "Ugly Girl" has resigned herself to a life alone without friends or a partner until the strange Old Basket Maker creates a wonderful husband for her. What ensues is a haunting, witty and beautiful tale of hope, cruelty and vengeance. Told through folk-inspired song and storytelling, at its heart the show explores the question: What is true ugliness? The show uses life and larger than life size puppetry, music inspired by the folk traditions of England and Ireland and traditional storytelling to tell its tale.

PLAN BEA - by Suzy Davies, Verity Quade, Jessie Reeves, Rosie McElroy, and Deborah Gersohn

'Plan Bea' is a show for anyone who understands that life doesn't always go to plan.

Set in Stratford-upon-Avon and in the shadow of the Bard, the story transitions between the present day and the 90s. Obsessive planner Beatrice is 39 and had enough of this life. She's ready to end it all, but Bea would not rest in peace if she left any mess behind. She determines to clear up every element of her existence; in doing so, she embarks upon an unexpected journey of self-discovery and liberation.

Bea starts saying and doing all the things she never dared to. She faces the ghosts of the past, the hang-ups that have held her back and she puts her mistakes right. And she remembers her passions and friendships. With nothing to lose, life never looked so good.

Will Bea still go through with her plan? Filled with humour and heart, 'Plan Bea' is ultimately about hope and how even in our darkest days we can find new ways forward and fresh dreams....and that perhaps Plan B was always meant to be.

THE RISE - By Graham Lappin

Set in Lancashire in 1894, this simple and heartfelt story about family, progress and the vital importance of passing on tradition charts one very significant day in the lives of the Roach family from Milbourne Hill. Baker Alfred and his two daughters Violet and Winifred lead us through the highs, lows, dreams and disappointments of working-class life.

The rise of their daily bread, of the Tower at Blackpool and of the power of industry in the North West creates an atmospheric backdrop to unexpected events which threaten the Roach's very livelihoods.

TERROR AT THE SWEET SHOP - By Gavin Brock and Nichola Rivers

Schoolchildren Oscar, Reese, Ishy and Emma investigate the mysterious disappearance of their beloved sweetshop owner Mr McNulty after he is replaced by the diabolical, child-hating Miss Primrose. With the help of a talking cat, a foul-smelling stink bomb and the world's most explosive curry, the children vow to eviscerate the witch and save their local village from the most dangerous power the world has ever known.

Shortlisted as a finalist for the Stiles and Drewe Mentorship Award 2018, 'Terror at the Sweetshop' is a funny and fast-paced family musical comedy featuring an upbeat tuneful score inspired by gospel, soul and rock and roll.

YOU AND I - By Cordelia O'Driscoll and Tom Williams

What do you do when the world's first super intelligent robot turns up at your door asking about the origins of the universe, karaoke and the meaning of porn? Fran is about to find out.

'You and I' follows the story of this aspiring musician as she learns to conquer fear, cope with loss and find her voice, all through her new friendship with a robot named Robert. With a highly original soulful folk score, this touching new musical comedy explores what it really means to be human.

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