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3rd Act Theatre Company Holds Auditions For Fourth Annual Drunk Classics Fundraising Tour

Rehearsals begin May 16, 2022 and continue until performances begin.

3rd Act Theatre Company Holds Auditions For Fourth Annual Drunk Classics Fundraising Tour

3rd Act Theatre Company is back for its 4th Annual Drunk Classics Summer Tour!

Auditions for Drunk Classics: Fr@cked Up Fairy Tales will be online via Zoom on April 30th, with in-person masked callbacks, if needed, on May 1, 2022.

Register for auditions at the link below, or by clicking the "Find Tickets" button. Auditioners will read from provided sides. Sides and access to the Zoom meeting will be provided via link sent prior to the auditions. Video submissions will be accepted for those unable to attend. Please contact the box office at 4055.593.8093 for information.

Rehearsals begin May 16, 2022 and continue until performances begin. This production will take place in-person and on tour at our partnering venues. Performance dates are June 17, 18 (private event), 24, and 25, and July 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, and 23.

We are monitoring Covid safety and evaluating policies and the safety of our cast, crew, audience, and staff is among our top priorities. Mask requirements will be assessed and may or may not be required for audiences during this production. Audience Covid requirements will be made in coordination with each venue.

We are committed to diverse, inclusive casting. For every production, please submit without regard to disability, race, age, weight, color, national origin, ethnic origin, gender identity, or any other basis.

Director: Kate Adams

Join us and travel back to a simpler time, when fairy tales were weird and Disney didn't own half the titles! We will raucously roar through four classic fairy tales, including:

-Rumplestiltskin, in which a miller spins a lie that his daughter can spin gold, and she's caught in a ludicrous deal spun by an elf with a wild name.

-Red Riding Hood, the original "stranger danger" tale, complete with baked goods, a hungry wolf, and a trip through the woods not soon forgotten.

-Jack and the Beanstalk, which follows the adventure of a young boy who sold his cow for beans, and ended up with a pile of gold and the head of a giant.

-Cinderella, the classic princess story of true love, good triumphing over evil, and the importance of secure footwear.

Take classic stories, chop them up, add hilarious improv and throw in a few drinks . . . what could be better?

One performer, picked via audience vote, will consume a few adult beverages to start the show. Donations will be accepted to give a "rule" that a selected actor must follow for the rest of the scene OR until the next donation is made and a new "rule" is imposed! The "rules" are drawn at random from various categories and will consist of different improv-type suggestions that the actor must perform while staying in character, such as performing with a specific accent (i.e., an angry Scotsman or a heavy smoker) or physical actions (i.e., an itch you can't reach or one of your legs has fallen asleep).

(Audition information is subject to change)

Character Advisory: All characters participate in physicality related to "slapstick" comedy.

Content Advisory: This production contains mature language and content intended for adult audiences, as well as brief mentions of death and murder. This production is themed around the consumption of alcohol.

- No member of the cast will be chosen as "the drunk" for consecutive performances.
- Transportation for "the drunk" will be provided.
- Players must be able to consume alcohol* and be of legal drinking age.
*Though the nature and atmosphere of this production center around the imbibing of adult beverages, individuals who practice sober living are encouraged to audition. Accommodations can and will be made in casting those who practice sober living.

This event is a fundraiser for 3rd Act Theatre Company. Stipends are determined nightly from a collection and split amongst the cast for each performance.

Please contact for more information regarding perusal scripts and content.

Register for auditions at

Please contact the Box Office at 405.593.8093 with additional questions.

NOTE: 3rd Act Theatre Company takes the safety and well-being of our actors seriously. No actor can be voted on two nights in a row, all actors are constantly monitored by 3rd Act staff, and the actor voted on each night is provided with a designated driver to ensure their safety and the safety of others on the road. We support the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages by adults of legal drinking age. We do not support underage drinking, excessive drinking, binge drinking, or any other unsafe drinking behavior.

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