Becoming the Beatles

Becoming the Beatles at Lester B. Pearson Memorial Theatre

Dates: (3/1/2024 )


Lester B. Pearson Memorial Theatre

Brampton On Stage

150 Central Park Drive
Brampton,ON M4S 0B5

Phone: 9058742800

Tickets: $20-$39

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“…an amazing insight into one of the greatest bands of all time. I was blown away." - Ronnie Brown, Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts

A live musical documentary like no other, BECOMING THE BEATLES weaves together 20 live songs and 300 projections to tell the fascinating behind-the-scenes story of four individual journeys to become one unforgettable band. Backed by her band, Yale-educated musician Haley Marie shares in-depth analysis through stories, videos and images of the re-awakening of a world devastated by war, the genius of oppressed musicians in the Deep South, unexpected inspiration from the classical greats, and the heartbreak from the death of the band's biggest idol. BECOMING THE BEATLES is about a band that defied the odds to become the most successful musical group in history. 


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