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Coming To Toronto#1
Posted: 10/28/13 at 5:04pm
Hi All

I am coming to Toronto in a couple of weeks time,after New York.

I haven't been before so curious about ticket prices, I hope to catch Les Miserables, Aladdin and God of Carnage, how much are tickets in Toronto? Are they as much as Broadway? Do I need to book well in advance? Will these sell out midweek? Are there any discounts available?

Really looking forward to coming over.
Coming To Toronto#2
Posted: 10/28/13 at 9:07pm
I hope you enjoy your trip!

All of those shows are produced by Mirvish,so you can buy tickets here:

Unfortunately, ticket prices are approaching NYC prices, but I wouldn't say they're quite as high. In terms of discounts, Les Mis and Aladdin are both selling well, so I haven't seen any discounts. But I doubt they'll be sold out mid-week. So I guess whether or not you need to buy in advance all depends on what seats you want. Plays tend to be less popular, so you may be able to get a discount for God of Carnage. I'd say your best best for discounts is subscribing to the "ESTAGE Newsletter" (top right of the Mirvish page). We also have TOTIX in Dundas Square, which is Toronto's version of TKTS, but it never really has any decent discounts Coming To Toronto.