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The latest interviews about live + streaming theatre in South Korea.

Interview: tripleS LOVElution on Their Debut Mini Album and Current US Tour! by Alyson Eng - October 02, 2023

After their debut in August, the latest subunit from the girl group, tripleS, have created their signature sound, released their debut mini-album, and embarked on their 1st US concert tour. This is an impressive feat as very few newly debuted K-Pop groups are able to accomplish that in such a short ...

Interview: CIX Reflect on Their Latest EP, Memorable Moments With Fans, and Being a Part of the 4th Generation of K-Pop! by Alyson Eng - August 05, 2023

The 4th generation of K-Pop artists are currently dominating the industry at the moment. Constantly thinking of new concepts and sounds, the artists of this generation are pushing the boundaries of the genre that keeps growing. One of the groups dominating the scene is 5 member South Korean boy band...

Interview: K-Pop Girl Group: SECRET NUMBER Spill About Their Recent Comeback, Favourite Memories, and Plans for the Future! by Alyson Eng - July 04, 2023

One of the newest artists that have made a mark in the K-Pop scene is the 6 member girl group: SECRET NUMBER. Composed of members: Léa, Dita, Jinny, Minji, Soodam, and Zuu, SECRET NUMBER was formed by Vine Entertainment and debuted in 2020 with the single album, “Who Dis?”...

Frank Wildhorn Talks MONTE CRISTO; Now Playing In South Korean Cinemas by Jimin Lee - March 23, 2021

It was recently announced that there will be a cinema release under the name of MONTE CRISTO: The Musical LIVE, both in 4DX and 2D. To celebrate, I had the great opportunity to interview Frank Wildhorn, the composer of MONTE CRISTO....


Bae Yu Mi Cello Recital
Seoul Arts Center, Concert Hall (10/19 - 10/19)
Za-Eun Choi Fortepiano Recital
Seoul Arts Center, Concert Hall (10/25 - 10/25)
Shinae Kim Boyun Yoon Duo Concert
Seoul Arts Center, Concert Hall (10/22 - 10/22)
So Jeong Shim Harp Recital
Seoul Arts Center, Concert Hall (10/20 - 10/20)
Han Kyoung Eun Piano Recital
Seoul Arts Center, Concert Hall (10/27 - 10/27)
Seoul Arts Center Inchoon Arts Hall Special THE NEXT (Trumpetist Doyoung Baek)
Seoul Arts Center, Concert Hall (10/26 - 10/26)
Hwaum Chamber Orchestra Museum Tour Ⅰ
Seoul Arts Center, Concert Hall (10/17 - 10/27)

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