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Neil Simon's THE SUNSHINE BOYS Takes The Stage At The Round Barn Theatre

The Sunshine Boys tells the story of Al Lewis and Willie Clark, two faded stars of the Vaudeville circuit, once beloved and now mostly forgotten. At their height, Lewis and Clark made multiple appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show and headlined all the major performance venues. When Lewis decided to hang it up and leave the act, he left Clark in the lurch. For 12 years the former partners have not seen or spoken to one another. Now, they're presented with a chance to reunite for one more performance of their most famous comedy sketch as part of a television special. It takes a lot of persuasion to move Willie, who believes he was wronged by Al, to agree to the deal. The two men meet, catch up, rehearse-and then the wheels come off as old grievances and grudges bubble to the surface. Neil Simon's The Sunshine Boys explores the memories, miseries, and laughs of a lifelong relationship in this comic and ultimately touching story.

The Sunshine Boys will be directed by Round Barn Theatre Managing Artistic Director Ryan Schisler. The production team also includes Production Stage Manager Michael J. Hengels; Assistant Stage Manager and Sound Engineer, Rachel Marengere; Costume Designer, Jennifer Meddich; Set Designer and Round Barn Theatre Executive Producer Richard Pletcher; and props designer Miggie Snyder, who will also be serving as Assistant Director for the production. Rounding out the cast will be Dan Hasty as Willie Clark, who you may recognize as Daddy Warbucks from last year's production of Annie; RBT alum T.J. Besler as Al Lewis, who will be accompanied by his wife and RBT alum, Elsa Besler and Cash Maciel as Ben Silverman. Including performances by core company members Dave Kempher, Brooks Cline, and Ally Merrill.

A complete show schedule, ticket availability and reservations can be found by calling the Box Office at (800) 800-4942 extension 2 or online at Theatre tickets can be combined with Amish Acres famous family style Threshers Dinner or Sunday Buffet. The Sunshine Boys will be translated by American Sign Language interpreters for the deaf on Saturday, October 26th at 2 p.m.

The 2019 Round Barn Theatre concludes with Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Tickets can be purchased by calling the box office at 800-800-4942 or online at

Season Tickets for the 2020 Round Barn Theatre are now on sale. The 2020 Season includes Church Basement Ladies: A Mighty Fortress is Our Basement, Into the Woods, Plain and Fancy, Little House on the Prairie, Damn Yankees, Putnam County Spelling Bee and for the Holidays, Elf. Purchase season tickets online at or call the box office at 800-800-4942.

Amish Acres Historic Farm & Heritage is currently open Wednesday-Sunday, offering tours of the historic house and farm, farm wagon rides, documentary films, demonstrations and the famous Family Style Threshers Dinner and luncheon options. The Sunday Threshers Buffet is the perfect after church, before the show dining experience.

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