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A Tale of Two Cities - Broadway Creative Team

Production Staff

Charles Dickens Source Material
(Based on novel)
Jill Santoriello Bookwriter
Martin Agee Violin
Nicholas Archer Synthesizer
Assistant Conductor
Michael Arden Assistant Director
Paul Audet Producer
Nancy Audet Producer
Jim Barry Producer
Spencer S. Brody Producer
(In Association With)
Bernard Brogan Producer
David Bryant Producer
(In Association With)
Warren Carlyle Director
Jon Carter Make-Up Designer
Carl Casella Sound Designer
Harry Casey Producer
(In Association With)
Wendy Bobbitt Cavett Music Arranger
(Additional Arrangements)
Anthony Cecere French Horn
Jacob A. Climer Associate Costume Designer
The Jacksina Company Press Representative
Matthew Dine Oboe/English Horn
Kathleen Dobbins Assistant Lighting Designer
Amelia Dombrowski Assistant Costume Designer
Parker Esse Associate Choreographer
Wallace Flores Associate Sound Designer
Jordan Scott Gilbert Assistant to Lead Producer
Randy Glass Dance Captain
Michael Gottlieb Associate Lighting Designer
Joseph J. Grano Producer
Kory Grossman Timpani/Percussion
Conrad Harris Violin
Deborah Hecht Vocal Coach
Serino Coyne, Inc. Advertising
Bob Kale Casting
Edward B. Kessel Orchestrator
Music Arranger
Graham Kindred Assistant Lighting Designer
Bob Krogstad Music Arranger
(Additional Arrangements)
Mary Laminack Producer
Jay Lusteck Fight Captain
Gregory Meeh Special Effects Designer
Judith Mendenhall Flute/Piccolo
Barry Moss Casting
James Musto III Drums/Percussion
Austin Nathaniel Assistant Company Manager
James Neglia Musical Coordinator
Robert Nolan Company Manager
Chris Olness Tenor Trombone/Bass Trombone/Tuba
Richard Pilbrow Lighting Designer
Jason A. Quinn Assistant Stage Manager
Paul Raiman Associate Conductor
Carol Rosegg Production Photographer
David Rosenthal Synthesizer Programmer
Michael Rossmy Fight Director
Barbra Russell Producer
Executive Producer
Vincent Russell Producer
Ashley Ryan Assistant Hair Designer
Domonic Sack Sound Designer
Alex Santoriello Producer
Timothy Schadt Trumpet
Megan Schneid Assistant Stage Manager
Jay Scott Assistant Lighting Designer
Ron Sharpe Producer
Executive Producer
Paul J. Smith Stage Manager
Christopher C. Smith Production Supervisor
Kevin Stites Conductor
Musical Supervisor
Musical Director
Music Arranger
(Additional Arrangements)
Terry Szor Trumpet
Mark Thrasher Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Bassoon
Kim Vernace Production Stage Manager
William De Vos French Horn
Tony Walton Scenic Designer
Tom Watson Hair Designer
Heather Wolensky Associate Scenic Designer
David Zinn Costume Designer