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59E59 Theatres [Theatre B] (New York, NY)
59 E. 59th St.


Running Time: 1 hour, with no intermission

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 7:15pm
Friday and Saturday at 8:15pm
Sunday at 3:15pm

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Based on the often forgotten writings of L. Frank Baum, The Woodsman is a world away from The Wizard of OZ...

The Woodsman gives these darkly beautiful, haunting and heartbreaking stories new life with the aid of spectacular Bunraku puppetry and song.

Nick Chopper is the woodcutter who is in love with Nimmee, slave-girl to the Wicked Witch of the East. Determined to prevent their marriage, the Witch places a powerful curse on Nick's axe so that it dismembers him whenever he swings it. But his undying love drives Nick to replace each of his lost parts with a tin one until he transforms completely into the Tin Woodsman.

Now, if he only had a heart...

BWW Reviews: THE WOODSMAN Is a Charming Night at the TheatreBWW Reviews: THE WOODSMAN Is a Charming Night at the Theatre
by Juliana Adame - February 6, 2014

James Ortiz's The Woodsman, now playing at 59 E 59, is a creative spin on the familiar classic of The Wizard of Oz with an atmosphere remincent of a pleasant combonation of Spring Awakening, Peter and the Starcatcher, and Into the Woods. (more...)