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The Sneeze - 2010 - Off-Broadway


Think you know Chekhov? Think again. THE SNEEZE, Michael Frayn's richly comic adaptation of the incomparable Chekhov's wild and witty vaudevillian vignettes, bounds across town and country, past rich and poor, with an improbable duel, a mismanaged marriage proposal, and, of course, a life-shattering sneeze along the way. This rollicking journey offers a different kind of "Chekhovian" world: one gone amok, awry, and askew—in all the best ways.


Manhattan Theatre Club Stage II

(New York, NY)
131 West 55th Street


by Ben Peltz - October 3, 2010
It's always a good sign when you walk into a theatre for a comedy and right away the set is making you laugh.  Such was the case for me with the playful space Jo Winiarski created for the Pearl Theatre Company's uproariously funny mounting of The Sneeze, Michael Frayn's vaudevillian octet of comedies adapted from early Chekhov one-acts and short stories.