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The Scary Bikers - 2019 - West End


A new comedy about life, love and staying on your bike!

When retired miner Don and former private school teacher Carol meet by chance after both suffering a loss, they thought they'd found a new beginning. But a bike ride through Europe would test their budding romance, and the road to love is rocky when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.

Join them on their hilarious and heartfelt journey, as they reconcile the past, debate the present and worry about the future. Whether they're saddle sore in Southampton, blistered in Bordeaux or frazzled in Florence, one thing is for sure - it takes two to tandem!


Trafalgar Theatre (Formally Trafalgar Studios 2

(London, )
14 Whitehall, Westminster, London SW1A 2DY, United Kingdom
by Gary Naylor - April 9, 2019
John Godber's Brexity flavoured two-hander examines loneliness in late middle-age with warmth, humour and no little insight - a gem.
by Gary Naylor - March 24, 2019
John Godber talks about his life in theatre and about his Brexit flavoured play, Scary Bikers, running at Trafalgar Studios in April.