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An unspeakable tragedy. A shattered family. An accusation of murder. TAKING CARE OF BABY, is a provocative new drama that boldly explores the elusive nature of truth and the depths we'll go to expose it.

Reed Birney, who has an illustrious career with a Tony Award win for The Humans and a nomination for Casa Valentina, brought his extensive stage experience to the cast of Taking Care of Baby, showcasing his award-winning talent in this past production. more...

Amelia Campbell, who has a rich history of performances both on Broadway and in film, brought her extensive experience to the stage in "Taking Care of Baby." more...

Margaret Colin, known for her Drama Desk Award-nominated performance in John Patrick Shanley's *Defiance*, brought her extensive experience to the cast of *Taking Care of Baby*, adding depth to the production with her rich background in both stage and screen. more...
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