Nourishment (Why Believe?)

Nourishment is an evening-length, site-specific and multi-sensory performance experience that uses the collaboration of dance, theater, live music, storytelling, new media, set design, food and drinks to investigate the question: Why Believe?

Church Street School for Music and Art will host the 5th chapter of Nourishment which delves into a myriad of questions and feelings surrounding religion, afterlife, spirit and soul. What do you believe in and is it possible for deep beliefs to change? In our current national and international political climate it can seem that beliefs often do more dividing than bringing together. Why Believe asks the audience to explore what it means to believe in something, what it feels like to lose faith, and if the act of believing even matters at all.


Friday at 8:00pm

Saturday at 8:00pm

Sunday at 8:00pm

Church Street School for Music and Art

(New York, NY)
41 White St
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