Opened: October 12, 1935

Jubilee - 1935 - Broadway Tickets, News, Info & More

The Royal Family of a country very much like England becomes bored and decides to pose as commoners, leading to a series of wild adventures.

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Our Crown
We're Off to Feathermore
Why Shouldn't I?
Entrance of Eric
The Kling-Kling Bird on the Divi-Divi Tree
What a Nice Municipal Park
Mowgli and the White Goddess
When Me, Mowgli, Love
Gather Ye Autographs While Ye May
My Loulou
Begin the Beguine
Cabinet Music
Good Morning, Miss Standing
My Most Intimate Friend
A Picture of Me Without You
Ev'rybod-ee Who's Anybod-ee
The Judgement of Paris
Entrance of Paris
Hera's Dance
Pallas Athene's Dance
Aphrodite's Dance
Swing That Swing
Sunday Morning, Breakfast Time
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Gay Little Wives
To Get Away
Beach Scene
Me and Marie
Just One of Those Things
Jubilee Presentation
There's Nothing Like Swimming
Greek Scene
Sing Jubilee
When Love Comes Your Way
Waltz Down the Aisle
Jubilee has had 6 productions including Broadway which opened in 1935, Broadway which opened in 1935, Off-Off-Broadway which opened in 1986, Off-Broadway which opened in 1998, New York which opened in 1998 and Off-Broadway which opened in 2004.



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