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by Jonathan Marshall - Sep 9, 2019
Actress Gabrielle Brooks, who has an impressive and varied amount of credits to her name, took time out of rehearsals to discuss the upcoming UK premiere of Lisa D'Amour's Anna Bella Eema. Brooks portrays Annabella, a child living with her eccentric mother Irene in a deserted trailer park. BroadwayWorld spoke with Brooks about what drew her to the role, what we can expect from this intriguing production, and all things theatre!
by BWW News Desk - Sep 4, 2018
After a decade of critically acclaimed tours and sell-out Edinburgh Fringe shows, Maison Foo are bringing their ground-breaking new work to audiences across the Midlands.
by Qianqian Xing - Sep 25, 2018
Zhong-Jing Fang was promoted to soloist at the American Ballet Theatre in 2018, the first Chinese ballerina to be promoted to soloist since Yan Chen in 1993. Almost ten years ago, she tore her posterior tibial tendon in her right foot during a rehearsal. Doctors told her that the chances of her returning to the stage were extremely slim.
by BWW News Desk - Sep 24, 2018
Los Angeles-based ANIIML has premiered a video for their new single,“SLAY!” today via IntoMore – share via YouTube.  Directed, shot and edited entirely by frontwoman/songwriter Lila Rose, the vibe is dark, visceral, avant-garde, with an intentional lo-fi, 8mm aesthetic, shot entirely on her iPhone.  The “SLAY!” video is a literal proclamation of independence and freedom, and while only premiering just today it is already banned on social media outlets, simply for displaying skin, and using it as an artistic medium.
by Bonnie Lynn Wagner - Sep 11, 2018
Tonight marks the launch of the 8-part mini-series on PBS revolving around The Great American Read. PBS launched its first episode this past spring and has been calling for readers to vote for their favorite book all summer long. Viewers can tune in tonight or stream the series online on PBS.org. Below is a press release from PBS.org with all the info you'll need, but first, here's a trailer for what you can expect to see tonight! 
by Isabella Perrone - Oct 14, 2019
One of the most unique opera experiences in Toronto this year is that of a classic story brought to life in a dive bar. The Tranzac Club's unassuming entry makes it easy to miss if you aren't looking for it, but upon entering the building there's an unshakeable feeling that something special is happening within.
by Student Blogger: Madeline Oldham - Nov 9, 2018
There seems to be a trend amongst drama students and performers of any age in having difficulties being a good audience member. The leafing through of the Playbill becomes an arena for snobbish comments about past credits and how he/she, for one reason or another, are fit for a different role in a different play.
by BWW News Desk - Nov 5, 2018
The new musical comedy Beetlejuice will open on Broadway at the Winter Garden Theatre (1634 Broadway) on April 25, 2019, but first the musical has its world premiere at The National Theatre in Washington D.C., and officially opened yesterday. 
by BWW News Desk - Nov 21, 2018
Hampstead Theatre in association with Instagram will show Lauren Gunderson's acclaimed play I and You, starring Maisie Williams and Zach Wyatt, for free, exclusively on IGTV. Specially performed, filmed and edited for a unique mobile viewing experience, viewers will be able to watch this sold out play on demand for 72 hours from Friday 30 November 6pm GMT until Monday 3 December 6pm GMT.
by Rosanna Liuski - Nov 2, 2019
All in all Vihainen Leski (the Angry Widow) is a fine play that teaches even the younger generation like me what it is like to be older. To me it told the most about friendships, how dreaming goes on in the older days too, and letting go of the past.
by BWW News Desk - Nov 16, 2018
Recently, Broadway star Rebecca Faulkenberry (Rock of Ages, Spiderman: Turn of the Dark, Groundhog Day) sat down with Tony-Nominated Director Kristin Hanggi and actress/author Natalie Roy to talk about tools for sustainability and joy in the entertainment industry. Natalie and Kristin have a podcast about the creative process called Let's Play: The C.R.E.A.T.E Podcast. They hold workshops in New York City, across the US, and internationally. Their next workshop is this Sunday, November 18th in New York with the topic: "It's Not a Hustle, It's a Game." Here is a tidbit of their candid conversation.
by Stephen Mosher - Nov 12, 2019
Looking back on a memorable year in her teenage life, Robin Westle delights audiences and inspires in them some happy memories of their own youth.
by Don Grigware - Nov 12, 2018
Based on the 1993 hit film, the stage musical A Bronx Tale has two of the movie's stars collaborating behind the scenes ... with a book by Chazz Palminteri, who played Sonny on film and Robert De Niro directing with Jerry Zaks. De Niro played Lorenzo onscreen, Calogero's father. Like the film this show is an instant hit with audiences who savor and take to heart the Sicilian lifestyle. This well cast and well directed national tour plays the Hollywood Pantages through November 25.
by Rosanna Liuski - May 23, 2019
Kilari is a Amanda Palo's self-written monologue about her life, which deals with sexual violence and mental health issues that result from that.
by Naomi Serviss - May 23, 2018
A comedy illustrates the rocky path to motherhood from the colonial days of suffering in solitude to the modern age of message board kvetching.
by Rosanna Liuski - May 22, 2019
Skene is a musical theatre school for youngsters and teenagers. Its founders are Marco Bjurstrom and Sinikka Sokka: in 2006 they realised there's hardly any chances for youth to study and do musical theatre. Now there is and this year's show The Addams Family was directed by Jermo Grudstrom, whom I got to interview after the premiere 15.5. He's also continuing next year as a director and acting coach in the group. With us sat also Anna Paivaniemi, who is a student but also works as a dance captain in the group.
by Jack L. B. Gohn - May 2, 2018
What a trail of stardust the whole musical leaves! There are the sets and lighting which dazzle in their nimble evocation of the wonders of Paris, with a side-step into a fantasy nightclub that seems to be Radio City Music Hall, complete with spangled leggy chorines and dudes in top hats and tails. There is the dancing of the athletic McGee Maddox and the graceful Allison Walsh. (How many performers out there can claim true balletic chops, skill at acting and singing - and the aforementioned hotness?) And the word 'dazzling' seems to have been coined for Gershwin's music, generously ladled over the entire enterprise, and beautifully performed.
by Ben Rimalower - Mar 29, 2019
As I'm going through all my Gypsy CDs (yes, to ensure I have them all either on my hard drive or accessible in the cloud, before throwing them out), I'm finding myself weirdly most drawn to Tyne Daly's recording, from her Tony-winning performance in the 1989 revival. The thing is I know Tyne Daly, I mean I know her work. She's been a familiar and distinctive presence on stage and screen for as long as I can remember and I even have a few musical theater recordings featuring her singing, but hers is not a singing voice I live with on a LITERALLY daily basis like, say, Ethel Merman's, Angela Lansbury's, Bette Midler's, Bernadette Peters's or Patti LuPone's. So to me, Tyne Daly's Rose is a unique sound that I can only identify with Tyne Daly's Rose and, therefore, a character. For today, that's the Gypsy I most feel like listening to.
by Don Grigware - Mar 27, 2018
Mystery writer Dame Agatha Christie never dreamed that her little play The Mousetrap that opened in 1952 would still be playing on London's West End, making it the longest running play in history. It's a favorite in high school and college drama programs and community theatre. I myself played Christopher Wren in the 70s in Massachusetts. It's popular because murder mystery fans love to sit on the edge of their seats as they try to figure out the identity of the culprit. Now in a strong production at Crown City Theatre in NoHo, The Mousetrap is alive - no pun intended - and captivating audiences through April and most likely beyond.
by Benjamin Tomchik - Mar 21, 2018
Rather than simply characterized as a comedy or tragedy, this Winter's Tale is a poignant tale about forgiveness, the passage of time and folly of old men.
by Student Blogger: Griffin DeVries - Mar 2, 2018
According to the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of art is to "The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power." This definition is a true statement to how I feel when I'm in the theatre doing what I love.
by Cristina Pla-Guzman - Mar 17, 2019
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is a cult classic. People who love this musical don't just love the musical, they LOVE the musical. I, myself, have had a long time love affair with Sondheim's work. Stephen Sondheim has changed the American musical forever. As I sat in the audience on opening night of Zoetic Stage's Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street at the Arsht Center, a show I have seen many times, I threw the proverbial gauntlet at the director, Stuart Meltzer. I thought to myself, show me something I haven't seen before.
by Student Blogger: Griffin DeVries - Mar 13, 2018
At my last District Competition, I had the pleasure of performing a Small Group Musical entitled 9 Peoples Favorite Thing from the musical, Title of Show. When choosing pieces to take to competition, this song spoke to me because it relies on one simple message: to have confidence in yourself even when others don't believe in you.
by Natalie O'Donoghue - Mar 11, 2019
RESPECT - The Aretha Franklin Songbook is an amazing live concert that celebrates the late great Queen of Soul!
by Michael Quintos - Mar 1, 2018
Featuring outstanding performances from a cast led by Laura Michelle Kelly and Jose Llana, the beautiful and exquisite national tour production of Lincoln Center Theater's Tony Award-winning revival of the 1951 Rodgers and Hammerstein classic THE KING AND I leaves audiences utterly spellbound by its sweeping opulence and gorgeous, reverent staging-which notably combines the elegance and grace of the classic musical many of us have known and loved for decades with a knowing sensitivity to modern times that we exist in today. The national tour production continues its two-week run of performances at Orange County's Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa that continues through March 11, 2018.
by BWW News Desk - Jun 3, 2019
On the transcendent new album Hidden Corners, visionary keyboardist, producer and composer Jamie Saft embarks on a spiritual journey along the searching path unveiled by such iconic forebears as John and Alice Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, and Albert Ayler. Inspired by concepts from Jewish mysticism, the album features an outstanding quartet of deeply exploratory musicians: Saft, longtime collaborator Bradley Jones on bass, the wide-ranging drummer/percussion master Hamid Drake, and legendary saxophonist David Liebman.
by BWW News Desk - Jun 25, 2019
Award winning actor James Duke Walker will host the PHP (People Helping People) Agency's Independence Day Life Coaching and Networking event at The New Vibe Lounge on Friday, July 5.
by Nicholas Pontolillo - Jun 2, 2018
Port Jefferson's Theater Three production of the musicial murder mystery romp Curtains is brilliant; it is a clever mash up of Columbo meets Kiss Me, Kate. Curtains is a wonderful show that reveals how a show's ensemble is not just its cast, but also its creative team. It emphasizes the importance of each and every talent involved with putting on a Broadway show. From the stage manager to the conductor; from the music team to the director. Theater Three's production successfully emits this theme.
by Guest Blogger: Riley Thad Young - Jun 19, 2018
BroadwayWorld is bringing you the inside scoop on this year's Jimmy Awards with student blogger Riley Thad Young- a nominee from Memphis' Orpheum High School Musical Theatre Awards. Earlier this year, he won the title of Best Leading Actor in a Musical for his portrayal of Grasshopper in Hernando High School's James and the Giant Peach.  Read Riley's first entry below!
by Rosanna Liuski - Jul 8, 2019
Murder on the Orient Express is a performance filled with excitement, colorful characters and plot that opens up to the audience bit by bit, just at right times. The performance doesn't leave you could though Suomenlinna could, but surely gets you on an emotional ride if you are just willing to take the train.
by Michael Quintos - Jul 6, 2018
A beloved entertainment icon borne from showbiz royalty, it was certainly no surprise that living legend Liza Minnelli-a past recipient of four Tony Awards, an Oscar, a special Grammy, two Golden Globe Awards, and an Emmy Award-was greeted with thunderous cheers and ovations during her recent return appearance on June 30, 2018 at Orange County's Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa, accompanied by her friend and fellow music phenom Michael Feinstein. The one-night-only special event-billed as "Liza Minnelli and Michael Feinstein: In Conversation and Performance"-featured the award-winning singer, actress and stage superstar as, naturally, the night's main attraction, which had her singing (while seated) through a few classics while, in between, waxed nostalgic about her storied career and, of course, her famous parents, film icon Judy Garland and renowned director Vincente Minnelli.
by Christian Ranke - Jul 5, 2019
It is very difficult to tag Johan Osuldsen under one banner. He started out as a dancer and performer, spanning over several decades. Later he became known as a choreographer and director and subsequently directed for television. He is also a composer as well as translator of several musicals (including Stephen Sondheim's 'Company', 'Into the Woods' and Jason Robert Brown's 'The Last Five Years).
by Natalie O'Donoghue - Jul 23, 2019
BWW catches up with Danyah Miller to chat about bringing Michael Morpurgo's I Believe in Unicorns to the 2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
by BWW News Desk - Jul 18, 2018
The Kinsey Sicks, America's Favorite Dragapella Beautyshop Quartet, announced today that they will celebrate their 25th anniversary in San Francisco with their critically-acclaimed show, Things You Shouldn't Say.
by Michael Quintos - Jan 29, 2019
As most people know with live theater, there is an underlying risk in promoting that a specific star will be there at every single performance, as advertised in a specific project. Unfortunately, that's simply not realistic nor is it always going to be the case, due to a multitude of factors beyond anyone's control. To those worried about a future date in the national tour's run in which they will have to miss Ms. Buckley in the title role for any reason (which was recently the case during several days of a week-long engagement in Costa Mesa), I have two words for you: don't worry. As bummed as I was not being able to see Ms. Buckley's long-anticipated take on Dolly Levi (and I really really wanted to see Ms. Buckley), her admirable understudy Ms. Sheridan is a terrific, wonderfully game substitute. But as much as Ms. Buckley was, perhaps, a huge draw for many to come check out yet another production of this timeless classic, what audiences will end up experiencing as a whole when they stay is just as equally important a reason to see this brand new revival. Be sure to stick around and behold the wonders of this genuinely entertaining musical classic-from its unforgettable score and visual appeal, to its laugh-inducing silliness and cheeky fun.
by Rosanna Liuski - Jan 26, 2019
Projections. Massive set designs. Intensive acting. Symbolism. Paavo Westerberg's Three Sisters at the Finnish National theatre is extremely ambitious, a little crazy and might be too much for people with sensory processing sensitivity (SPS).
by Jay Irwin - Feb 15, 2018
Yes, it's true. The undeniable juggernaut that is the multiple Tony Award winner, including for Best Musical, 'Hamilton' has descended upon Seattle. Just like in New York for so long, theatergoers here will now be uttering the same query to each other, 'Have you seen 'Hamilton' yet?' And if you were lucky enough to snag some tickets through a Season subscription, the general sale or maybe the daily 'Hamilton' lottery you'll be able to answer with a resounding 'YES, and it was AMAZING!' But why is it amazing and how does this one stack up to the original cast with which most are so familiar? Well, Dear Readers, let's talk.
by Michael Quintos - Feb 15, 2018
A quieter, more down-to-earth musical-but done so with a bellowing musical prowess thanks to book writer and lyricist Brian Crawley and composer Jeanine Tesori-VIOLET explores the multiple layers of feelings associated with being and living life as an 'other' within an environment that promotes (and unfairly rewards) societal normalcy and uniformity-and all the baggage that comes with it. The delicate yet still poignantly powerful 1997 award-winning off-Broadway musical continues its regional premiere production (based on the 2014 Broadway revival) at Orange County's Chance Theater in Anaheim through March 4, 2018.
by TV News Desk - Feb 1, 2018
The fan-fueled fifth annual iHeartRadio Music Awards on Sunday, March 11, will feature today's biggest artists and music with performances by Ed Sheeran, Cardi B, Maroon 5, Camila Cabello, Charlie Puth and Backstreet Boys with more to be announced, at the historic, “Fabulous” Forum in Los Angeles.
by Michael Quintos - Feb 1, 2018
Witty, enchanting, and joyously self-referential, the original film version of SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE fantasizes a story involving a young, virile William Shakespeare in his prime, who quells a bout of writer's block by secretly romancing an engaged lady named Viola---which apparently becomes the inspiration for the Bard's infamous star-crossed tragedy 'Romeo and Juliet.' The plot of the film remains fairly intact in Lee Hall's mostly delightful if slightly diluted stage adaptation, now continuing performances in a gorgeous-looking new regional production at Orange County's Tony Award-winning theater South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa through February 10, 2018. This spunky love letter to the theater is chockfull of stagecraft-insider amusements and fun-to-find Shakespearean Easter Eggs that both aficionados and casual fans will appreciate. But, shockingly, despite the spectacular production values and the beguiling, gusto-bathed performances of its large ensemble cast, this stage adaptation somehow loses some of the inescapable romanticism that is so much more prevalent in the original film.
by BWW News Desk - Dec 3, 2018
The Trevor Project hosted its 2018 TrevorLIVE Los Angeles gala at The Beverly Hilton where it honored Emmy®, Golden Globe® and Peabody® Award-winning screenwriter, producer and director Ryan Murphy and the cast of 'POSE;' Amandla Stenberg; and AT&T. Eugene Lee Yang hosted the event which helped raise over $1.5 million and included performances by Lauren Jauregui, Deborah Cox, and a surprise performance by POSE castmates Billy Porter, Mj Rodriguez, and Our Lady J. Additional attendees included Brad Goreski, Cameron Esposito, Cary Deuber, Charlayne Woodard, Cobie Smulders, Dan Levy, Dominique Jackson, Dyllon Burnside, Emma Roberts, Hailie Sahar, Gia Gunn, Indya Moore, James Van Der Beek, Jason Collins, Jussie Smollett, LeeAnne Locken, Mara Wilson, Madame LaQueer, Miles McKenna, Morgan McMichaels, Nico Santos, Ongina, Ryan Jamaal Swain, Steven Canals, Kylie Sonique Love, and Ty Dolla $ign.
by Jill Schafer - Dec 22, 2018
Don't let the Christmas lights strung across the ceiling fool you, Dark and Stormy's BLACKBIRD is not a feel-good holiday play. Which is why it's a great choice for right now, if you need a break from the sugary sweet holiday fare. Written in 2005, BLACKBIRD is a brutal play about a woman confronting her abuser, 15 years after he raped and kidnapped her at the age of 12 (she may have gone willingly, but she was still a child). Yes, it's a difficult one to watch, but with painfully real performances by the two-person cast, in the intimate environment of Dark and Stormy's Northeast Minneapolis studio space, it's worth the effort.
by BWW News Desk - Apr 26, 2019
The Dallas Symphony Orchestra (DSO) announced today the programming and guests for the inaugural Women in Classical Music Symposium. This intensive and comprehensive symposium, sponsored by J.P. Morgan, held November 6-9, 2019, in Dallas, Texas, will feature talks, a public keynote presentation and panel discussions on topics relevant to women in the classical music industry and their unique struggles and triumphs. The event will also include important networking opportunities and performances and will appeal to individuals in all roles of classical music - orchestra members, soloists, composers, conductors and administrators - with pathways for conversation and discussion.
by BWW News Desk - Apr 25, 2019
LBO's 2020 season is tailor-made for curious minds and adventurous spirits. As always we bring a full season of the unseen and unheard, adding two new locations and a U.S. Premiere.
by Richard Sasanow - Apr 21, 2019
Mezzo Joyce DiDonato knows quite a bit about being Cinderella--after all, she's played the title characters in Rossini's CENERENTOLA and Massenet's CENDRILLON at the Met and other major opera houses. But it also appears she's a first-rate “fairy godmother,” as she proved with a group of emerging artists in a series of Master Classes in Carnegie Hall's Weill Music Room of the Resnick Education Wing last week.
by BWW News Desk - Apr 15, 2019
Coming off their recent performance at the Singer-Songwriters of Cape May Conference and Showcase and announced as the new House Band for WLNY/CBS TV'S “Live It Up! With Donna Drake”, psychedelic funk rockers The Chris Ruben Band are getting ready to drop their next brand new single “Cold Shoulder”! They'll release the new tune along with a live show filming for RiseUp TV on Saturday, May 11th at The Rail (281 W Main St, Smithtown, NY 11787). Chris Ruben himself will also be a featured character on Season Two of the series.
by BWW News Desk - Apr 11, 2018
Inspired by the timeless persona of Grace Jones, award-winning artist Rachael Young imagines a different future for women of colour through striking intergalactic imagery and visceral live music. Named after Grace Jones' 1981 landmark album of the same name, Nightclubbing was originally sparked by an event in 2015 when a group of young black women were racially discriminated against and refused entry to a London nightclub.