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1984 - 2016 - West End Tickets, News, Info & More


April, 1984. 13:00. Comrade 6079, Winston Smith, thinks a thought, starts a diary, and falls in love. But Big Brother is always watching.

Orwell’s ideas have become our ideas; his fiction is often said to be our reality. The “definitive book of the 20th century” (The Guardian) is re-examined in this radical and much lauded staging exploring surveillance, identity and why Orwell’s vision of the future is as relevant now as ever.


Running Time:

One hour and 41 minutes

Playhouse Theatre

About the Theatre
(London, )
Northumberland Ave, Charing Cross, London WC2N 5DE, United Kingdom


by Liz Cearns - September 15, 2016
 Audiences have just six weeks left to see the critically acclaimed Headlong, Nottingham Playhouse and Almeida Theatre production of 1984. Since opening at the Nottingham Playhouse in 2013, the production has played almost 700 performances across the globe and, by the end of this run, over 380,000 people will have seen the show. Directed by Robert Icke and Duncan Macmillan with Daniel Raggett, the limited run at the Playhouse Theatre must end on 29 October 2016. 
by Michael Dale - July 28, 2016
London mayor Sadiq Khan wants the world to know that despite the recent Brexit vote, his city is still a thriving example of diversity and culture.