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Sleeping Beauty and the Bear Prince show poster

Sleeping Beauty and the Bear Prince at Noveltease Theatre

Dates: (3/28/2024 - 4/6/2024 )


Noveltease Theatre

409 7th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104
Seattle,WA 98104

Tickets: $25-$50

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  3. Sleeping Beauty and the Bear Prince

Once upon a time, a curse befell a princess, placing her in a deep and dreamful sleep. Told in our signature literary burlesque format, Aurora must journey into a fantastical world of faeries, witches, beasts, and magic - woven together from fairy tales and folklore from around the world - to rescue her prince and awaken from her cursed slumber.

Contains partial nudity. Suitable for ages 18+.


Sleeping Beauty and the Bear Prince at Noveltease Theatre Schedule

Performances on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Cast and Creative team for Sleeping Beauty and the Bear Prince at Noveltease Theatre


Anya Knees


Al Lykya

Bear Prince/Gray Wolf

Onyx Asili

South Wind & Others

Ramona Rhapsody

West Wind & Others

Carson St. Clair

East Wind & Others

Miss Elaine Yes

North Wind & Others

Scarlett Folds

Dragon/Silver Bell/Jaguar

Willy Nilly

Dragon/Silver Bell/Crab

Sailor St. Claire

Fairy Godmother/Faerie Queen

Creative Team

Lyam White


Anya Knees


Fosse Jack


Fosse Jack


Angelo Domitri

Lighting Design

Sarah E. Miller

Scenic Design

Ramona Rhapsody

Costume Design

Sailor St. Claire

Costume Design

Ronda Bordeaux

Stage Manager

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