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Acting Classes at Freehold this Fall#1
Posted: 8/24/11 at 2:38pm
Exceptional Acting Classes this Fall at Freehold Theatre in Seattle

Freehold’s highly acclaimed fall acting, improv, playwriting classes (and more!) are now open for registration at Freehold Theatre in Seattle. Freehold Theatre is a Seattle acting studio and theatre that for 20 years has been providing extraordinary theatre and fantastic classes taught by exceptional faculty. Be sure and sign up now as our classes fill quickly!

We are privileged to have highly acclaimed artists as faculty including Marya Sea Kaminski (2010 Stranger Genius Award for Theatre), Amy Thone (2007 Stranger Genius Award Winner for Theatre), Annette Toutonghi (YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU, Seattle Repertory Theatre), Matt Smith (starting in the movie "Outsourced") and many more. Our students include the beginner and the advanced trained student. There is truly something for everyone!

Here is our complete list of our great Fall 2011 class offerings ...

Step I: Intro to Acting with Meg McLynn
Step I: Intro to Acting with George Lewis
Accelerated Intro to Acting with George Lewis
Step II: Acting with Text with Stefan Enriquez
Step III: Basic Scene Study with Sarah Harlett
Advanced Solo Performance with Marya Sea Kaminski
Auditioning with Annette Toutonghi
Improv with Matt Smith
Meisner: Foundation with Robin Lynn Smith
Personal Clown with George Lewis
Playwriting I with Elizabeth Heffron
Public Speaking with Gin Hammond
Stage Combat with Geof Alm
Verse and Voice with Kimberly White
Voice with Gin Hammond
Yoga for Actors with Joel Benjamin

Registration is available online at
or by calling us at (206) 323-7499.

If you are looking for outstanding training in a supportive atmosphere, Freehold is the place.

Freehold Theatre
2222 2nd Avenue, Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 323-7499

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