Edinburgh 2022: Review: GRANDMOTHER'S CLOSET, Summerhall

Review of Grandmother's Closet at Summerhall

By: Aug. 11, 2022
Edinburgh Festival
Edinburgh 2022: Review: GRANDMOTHER'S CLOSET, Summerhall

Edinburgh 2022: Review: GRANDMOTHER'S CLOSET, Summerhall

Grandmother's Closet is an autobiographical musical adventure. Written by and starring Luke Hereford it delves into the relationship between him and his first ever ally- his Nan.

It's his grandmother's 90th party and a relative known as "Uncle Ignorant" uses a homophobic slur toward Luke. He needs to find his Nan, the woman that has protected him for all these years but instead, he stumbles on her wardrobe. A source of comfort for his whole life, he dresses up in the familiar glamorous clothes and within them finds the confidence to be his true self.

Grandmother's Closet is a touching show with a beautiful relationship at the centre of it. Hereford leaps and dives around the room twirling bedsheets that double up as the iconic "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" outfit. An engaging performer throughout, Hereford is a delight to spend the hour with.

Featuring great big pop songs that he grew up with, Grandmother's Closet is a whirlwind through his first Pride event and how the relationship with his Nan impacted his life.

A joyous big hug of a show.