Edinburgh 2022: Review: FANBOY, Pleasance Dome

Review of Fanboy at the Pleasance Dome at Edfringe

By: Aug. 10, 2022
Edinburgh Festival
Edinburgh 2022: Review: FANBOY, Pleasance Dome

Edinburgh 2022: Review: FANBOY, Pleasance Dome

Theatre maker Joe Sellman-Leava has returned to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with new show Fanboy. He has always been a fan of things on the nerdier side and this show celebrates the joy of purely loving films, tv shows, games and whales.

When Joe was ten, a huge event happened. New Star Wars films were released and his uncle Obi took him to a midnight screening of The Phantom Menace. With a setup like his childhood bedroom, he plays video footage on an old tv where 'young Joe' is asked on camera how he feels about the film. "It's going to be the best film ever!" he exclaims.

Joe is in his 30s now and he's not quite as joyful as that little boy. The year 2016 really crushed his spirit as Trump took office, all his favourite celebrities died and the world burned. His feelings now are a stark contrast to the hope and happiness of that little boy.

Fanboy is a delightful show of nerdy nostalgia. The use of technology is brilliant and works well with the use of callbacks and references to the films- but no spoilers. The storytelling is great and will be enjoyable for anyone regardless of whether they're a Star Wars fan or not.