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The Marsh San Francisco presents “Swimming With Lesbians” show poster

The Marsh San Francisco presents “Swimming With Lesbians” at The Marsh San Francisco

Dates: (6/7/2024 - 6/22/2024 )


The Marsh San Francisco

1062 Valencia St.
San Francisco,CA 94110

Phone: 415-282-3055

Tickets: $25-$100

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  3. The Marsh San Francisco presents “Swimming With Lesbians”

After setting sail in New York City for its East Coast premiere and then embarking into international waters in Toronto, Marga Gomez’ latest riotous solo show “Swimming With Lesbians” will now dock back home in San Francisco at The Marsh for a special LGBTQ+ Pride Month run this June. This buoyant and bawdy romp is set aboard a fictional lesbian luxury ocean liner rolling on a sea of absurdity. Blending her past experience as a cruise ship entertainer (and lesbian) with her delight for nautical tropes and sea shanties, Gomez morphs into a boatload of lustful characters including Isabelle, an accident-prone lacrosse player yearning for her first affair, Captain Debbie, the ship’s commander who goes strictly by the book (in this case it’s “The Kama Sutra”), and Pru Perez, the butch-presenting but secretly meek bingo caller in hiding from her childhood bully who turns up as a fellow passenger. In “Swimming With Lesbians,” mettle is tested when secrets are exposed, and all must navigate through rogue waves and endless buffets.


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