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Direct From Death Row - The Scottsboro Boys show poster

Direct From Death Row - The Scottsboro Boys at Guild Theater

Dates: (2/10/2023 - 3/5/2023 )


Guild Theater

Celebration Arts

2828 35th Street
Sacramento,CA 95817

Phone: (916) 905-7024

Tickets: $15 - $23

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  3. Direct From Death Row - The Scottsboro Boys

Presented in collaboration with Celebration Arts and St. Hope, the Scottsboro Boys will come from eternity to the Guild Theater to reenact as "vaudeville" scenes the story of their convictions for gang rape, despite prima facie evidence of their innocence.

The historic event was, in many ways, something of a vaudeville. But also, as revealed early on, the first four of the nine to get released (after seven years) appeared within a matter of weeks in a New York vaudeville show.

The case highlighted several elements of American culture - the exploitation of racism by the two women who falsely accused these young Black men; and the Communist Party's exploitation of racism in its efforts to recruit African Americans.


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