Love and Information

9/5/2017 - 10/17/2017
The New Stage
Národní 1393/4
Praha, 110 00

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No matter where we find ourselves, love and information accompany us every day, at every moment. How simple, how exceptional, how everyday, how complicated… A few fragments from the life of the contemporary human, spellbound by virtual reality, facing troubles in relationships, suffering from diseases, confronting death, experiencing love or observing snails. A mixture of banality and weighty themes gives rise to a perpetual verging of kitsch and true emotionality, viewed with humour, irony even. By and large, a multi-angled mirror held up to our own lives. The play by the first lady of contemporary British drama, 77-year-old Caryl Churchill, was premiered in 2012 at the Royal Court Theatre in London and at the National Theatre in Prague will be undertaken by the young Czech stage director Petra Tejnorová, born almost half century later than the feted author.

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