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The Smell of the Kill at Twilight Theater Company


9/6/2019 - 9/22/2019


Twilight Theater Company

7515 N. Brandon Ave.
Portland, 97217
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Phone: 503-847-9838​

The Smell of the Kill in Portland

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Twilight Theater Company, the community theater that brings you Entertainment with Edge, announces its upcoming production of The Smell of the Kill, by Michele Lowe, opening on September 6, 2019.

Advisory: This performance contains adult content and themes. It is not appropriate for children 17 and younger.

Take three tormented, pernicious wives, add three miserable, unloving husbands and chill. That's the recipe of Michele Lowe's provocative comedy: The Smell of the Kill. The play follows the story of three wives (Nicky, Debra, and Molly) who have tolerated one another during dinner parties for years. While their unseen husbands work on their putting game in the dining room, the women reveal that all three marriages are on the brink of disaster and that all three women are facing the challenges of their lives. Embezzlement, Stalking, and Divorce are driving the women to the brink. When the men accidentally lock themselves in a basement meat locker, the women are faced with a chilling proposition: Enact a rescue? Or should they put the men on ice...permanently?

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