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Ned Glass Videos

Ned Glass Headshot
Date of Birth: April 01, 1906
Date of Death: June 15, 1984 (78)

Birth Place: POLAND
STAGE TUBE: The Making of Stained Glass in DCPA's THE CHRISTIANS
by Stage Tube - Feb 8, 2017

DCPA Director of Scenic Arts Jana Mitchell takes you into the scene shop where she made the stained glass for the DCPA Theatre Company's 'The Christians.' 'We always get a little giddy when we get stained-glass projects because ... it's fun,' said Mitchell, who reveals all of her secrets - and secret ingredients. 

STAGE TUBE: Sneak Peek of Everett Bradley's SUGAR RUMP FARIES
by BroadwayWorld TV - Dec 6, 2011

Holiday coverage would not be complete without an inclusion of Everett Bradley's acclaimed ‚ÄėHOLIDELIC'. With three new music videos and a series of upcoming concerts in New York, Philadelphia, Northampton and Hudson NY, 2011 is poised to be the biggest year ever for the unique Funk extravaganza.