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@chrisblem - 9/28/21 06:42pm Welp. This has been the LONGEST day EVER! #Oh . . . And I’m blocked on @Facebook and @instagram after being hacked… https://

@chrisblem - 4/19/20 06:33pm Though I love RayBan, that last tweet was a hack. :)


Birth Place: Sarasota
STAGE TUBE: 'I'm In Love With a Monster'
by Jeffrey Ellis - Jan 31, 2017

Despite W.C. Fields' warning about working with children and animals, you can now add another role to David Perlman's already impressive resume: adoring dad to a lovable pooch named Winnie Travid, the equally adorable, winsome and mischievous Chihuahua/terrier mix with whom he co-starred in A Dog Story off-Broadway, and who now is the star of his latest music video tribute, set to Fifth Harmony's 'I'm In Love With a Monster.'

STAGE TUBE: Off-Broadway's A DOG STORY Lip-Syncs to 'I'm In Love With a Monster'
by Stage Tube - Jan 31, 2017

The company of Off Broadway's A DOG STORY just released a fun, backstage music video set to Fifth Harmony's 'I'm In Love with a Monster' - check it out below!