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Avery Royal Videos

VIDEO: Jeremy Kushnier Gears Up for Un-Ironically Enthusiastic Concert, Featuring Drew Aber and Beth Kirkpatrick
by Stage Tube - Apr 26, 2014

Jeremy Kushnier, Beth Kirkpatrick, & Drew Aber rehearse with Josh Freilich for the upcoming concert of brand-new nerd songs by the geekiest new writers. They're all getting ready for serious fan-dom and nerdtastic jubilation at 'Un-Ironically Enthusiastic' on Saturday May 3 at 7pm, at the Laurie Beechman Theatre on 42nd and 9th Ave in Times Square. Showcasing the talent of geeky writers from the new-composer cliques, hosted by fangirl Dana Aber (Big Thunder Productions), and featuring rad performers of the famous variety: Broadway's Jeremy Kushnier (Footloose, Next to Normal, Jesus Christ Super Star) as badboy Tony Stark, Leenya Rideout (War Horse, Cyrano de Bergerac, Company) as comicbook-nerd grown-up, and Drew Aber (Tale of Two Cities) as a Pikachu devotee, VH1's Jarvis Derrell (#shehashadit), youtube sensation BrentalFloss's Brent Black, NYMF's Next Broadway Sensation Erica Lustig (Hair nat'l tour), Beth Kirkpatrick (Les Mis nat'l tour), Verse Academy's Frantz Jerome, Blackie O-Nasty, Joseph Spitale, Drew Cotton, JP Moraga, Avery Royal, Jennifer Simpson, and Long-Island Wookiee Louis Nunez. Keep your gamer headsets tuned to the common channel, they're queueing up for a MEGABLITZ Saturday May 3 at 7pm!