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Who Played Porter in Macbeth

Frank SylvesterBroadway1921
Hannam ClarkBroadway1921
Robert StraussBroadway1922
Louis WolheimBroadway1924
Percival VivianBroadway1928
Robert StraussBroadway1930
Hannam ClarkBroadway1935
J. Louis JohnsonBroadway1936
William HansenBroadway1941
Russell CollinsBroadway1948
Richard WordsworthBroadway1956
Roy K. StevensBroadway1981
Rand BridgesBroadway1982
Rik ColittiBroadway1982
Jeff WeissBroadway1988
Paul SolesBroadway1988
John AhlinBroadway2000
Peter GeretyBroadway2000
John GloverBroadway2013
John Patrick DohertyBroadway2013
Patrick VaillBroadway2013